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Minecraft died in 2019 now


Yes they are. I usually contact them via chat and they are always very nice and helpful.


For Every 5 people who quit 15 people join - AntVenom


Where did antvenom get that statistic from


Can someone summarize what this user said in this topic? Thanks, I’m too impatient.


What does summarize mean? @Sath


That 20 dollars is too much for Mc and that he ended up buying legacy edition and he’s mad it’s not updated anymore and feels ripped off and also he hates swearing and a small rant about the MC forums


Shouldn’t you be responsible for reading the post? I mean you are a forum moderator…

This isn’t a very professional way to respond, especially coming from someone who has criticized the quality of moderators in the past…

just teasing you Sath, don’t take this too seriously XD


Mittu said that he can’t buy bedrock for console or can’t get it free,
And what makes mittu even more cheap is the fact that he owns a non legit copy of mcpe to play on servers


Thanks. So it’s just a rant. Good thing I didn’t read it all. That saved a valuable amount of time for me.

Yes, but I mainly concentrate on support topics.

Yep, that’s me.