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Minecraft died in 2019 now


Look at this, since notch left mojang, uh minecraft died because Microsoft isnt doing enough. So what happen is, xbox one is no longer updated and thats so stupid, what a waste of money like when i got minecraft xbox one, i was so happy until i got upset about it, (i was not crying but id probably blow up like a tnt.) I got a minecraft lagacy edition, THATS SO GARBADGE, ID RATHER FART 90 MILLION TIMES because mojang whants 40 dollers just because they obandond minecraft disc and now rhey lied thst, “download latest version of minecraft for free” is this a joke? It brings me to minecraft apps and costs stupid frikken 20 dollers? Hell no, im not getting this one, they could have at least added pandas, scaffolding, new boimes and villagers new texture or crossbows and not have to reals the whole village and pillage update and the stupidest way is, discontuining them. Also mcpe is like better than xbox one since mcpe costs 6 dollers while stupid old minecraft xbox one version costs &%$$%&@&%@ing 20 dollers, they cant make it 10 dollers cause they like worst updates because worst updates makes the world better, is this true? The answer is yes. Also mojang cannot add a spam button in mcpe so we can have a fair way fighting both bedrock and windows so instead of windows 10, your like frikking spamming around, also MINECRAFT FORUMS is only available for pc, thats trash.

I agree

Mcpe needs a new button called, offhand use or switch because minecraft needs to be back together again.

Also minecraft discord is so garbadge right now because every players swear so much, (including mods) like few people insult me about my mom or what ever, a user called dorol, i wanna punch him through my screen since he insulted me very much, im so angry, bad poeple who insult me and never say sorry, they deserve to be in hell and feel how good is it when somone insults you, i wish this swearing is rule cause who dares to swear at mitty the creeper? Take a look at lifeboat discord and server, its so Friendly and more comfortable there. Id quit lifeboat is they weren’t.

I had to insult dorol back cause i cant deal wirh minecraft discord filled with stupid humans thst love insulting me. I hate when people make me angry. I only like kid-friendly servers including all ages wether is above 12 or whatever because i like when people do appropriate things and etc.

Yes, i know adults swear alot, that’s because their brain is idk, infected by zombies? Of course humans and kid swear due to learning em from parents or whatever. I can now like swear if i have not heard it from adults.


My parents don’t swear yet I do.

Not that much…

There’s a bedrock section on there…



If you practice enough and use non-split, you can put up a good flight against console players. Win10 players are harder to match but it’s possible.


I don’t know, personally I was able to upgrade from the legacy edition on Xbox one to the newest edition for free. Sorry they didn’t give you that option.


I think it was only if you owned Legacy Edition Before 1.2 came out


What! But they disc user could have told me its gone?


Well 20 dollers is much, first of all it costed me 20 dollers for a stupid craping disc and now 20 more dollers more latest version, thats like 40 dollers.


Xbox 360 is the one that’s on Legacy Console Edition, if you’re on Xbox One you should be able to get a copy of Bedrock Edition for free. I don’t know why it’s not working for you, other than perhaps the purchase date like the said above. Maybe contact their customer support? Microsoft has always been bad at getting redundant versions off the market (you could buy Windows 10 separately even while you got a free copy from Java, for example).

There already is an offhand slot, it can store rockets, arrows, totems of undying, and a few other things.

According to the Discord TaC you’re supposed to be at least 13 to have a Discord account, though that’s admittedly rarely enforced. The point is that servers don’t have to forbid swearing, it’s just courtesy for servers with younger audiences.

That is the weirdest rationale I’ve ever heard. It’s not just adults that swear, most people pick up on the common ones by the time they’re a teenager. Most kids pick up foul language from other kids or through the internet.


It might have also been that you had to have the digital version, which I do.


This is what it looks like.


There you go, it says right there download the newest version for free.


@CrimsonDream89 no, it brings me to microsofr store and buy it for 20 dollers


Contact Microsoft support.


How? How how how?


Google Microsoft support. You should be able to either email, call or chat with them online.


Wait do i have to login in microsoft support? @CrimsonDream89 can i ask my parents to do dis?


Make sure to use the account that you bought the Xbox One edition on when your trying to get the bedrock version


Yes you would, they would have to access your account to fix the issue. Yes, ask your parents for help.


Ok thanks and is microsoft nice like kinda kid friendly? @CrimsonDream89