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Microsoft now requires XBOX accounts to join servers. Not good


Won’t happen mate


Yep True fact :open_mouth:

"Community is our game"

Blame microsoft not Lifeboat.


Don’t think you’d get much out of blaming anyone.


Mcpe deserves it microsoft tried to kill PC Minecraft and now it backfired and they killed what they wanted to succeed. Karma




Please don’t necropost.


i wish i can agree with you, @xDrako, Microsoft has really broken the system. But i can see a few reasons why Microsoft could do this. Although i have no idea of how it was like in 2015, (i started playing February 2018) all i know is that xbox accounts werent put to use.
For a starter, making an xbox account is free, so no charge. As long as he/she knows how to do it, a 6 year old kid can make a free account.
Also, xbox accounts provide more control over a set of users on a server. without the whole new system, things will be chaotic.
it aint wrong for Microsoft to make a change in their property, they bought Minecraft in 2012, and thats what brought about Minecraft Bedrock Edition


Why blame Microsoft? they’re just trying to keep a tighter grip on child safety, as Minecraft was intended for young audiences. The reason why the Lifeboat server is dying is as a result on its management, not Microsoft

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