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Microsoft now requires XBOX accounts to join servers. Not good




Well gonna go now nice talking to you bye.


@Savage_Inu-senpai You aren’t 28 years old and you aren’t in college so don’t lie. 1. Just because you had your name changed doesn’t mean we won’t remember who you are Ratchet. You stated before that you were only 13 or 14 I don’t remember for sure. You also said once that you were leaving because your parents didn’t want you on here which is not something that would happen to a 28 year old.
2. You are definitely not in college because you have the grammar of a middle schooler.
By the way. A huge number of college students(including me) have jobs while their in college to help pay for it


Hey! I am 28, don’t judge why! Also, the reason why my posts keep having the age 12 is because of Excel lying again


Refer to my edit. You are not 28


Dont you get it? yet? it was Excel messing around my account and yet now your calling me liar? and also I would say stop arguing here


@Ccollins2 dont act like God please


Yes I am calling you a liar considering your grammar hasn’t improved at all since you “took over” the account. Plus no one going for a masters degree would call it getting a mastery. It’s a masters.


First of all, I’m not acting like God. If you think that I’m acting like God then you need to check your definition. Second, why would I act like something that I don’t even believe in.


Collins, if you will just act like a God and keep arguing here no one will ever believe you. Mostly Excel…
Plus why are you even arguing about my age?


@Savage_Inu-senpai Because I can’t stand people who blatantly lie about who they are. Plus not only am I not acting like a God but I can pretty much guarantee that people will believe me. Again, if you think I’m acting like a God then you need to check your definition. I’m laughing at the fact you are saying I’m acting like a God. Pointing out facts isn’t acting like a God.


The point of this topic wasn’t to get off-topic, it was a discussion of 1.2. If you have disagreements about what someone said, please move to private messages. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes the Better Together update now requires Xbox login. This is for everyone’s safety and to prevent small children from entering servers and being mistreated, listen to cursing, etc. Parents should be involved in what their children do on the internet, and if you have any questions you can gladly reach out to them and ask assistance for making an account. There are several parent resources I can gladly share if you wish.

The requirement for signing in to play on 1.2 servers isn’t anything new, it was stated back at the E3 conference several few weeks back. Though it may reduce some player counts, it also limits hackers and rule-breakers, in a much more effective manner. Simply switching your name won’t work, a separate account will have to be made to log back in.

Of course your entitled to your own opinions, but their is reasoning behind what you may think to be ‘Microsoft’s Madness’.


The good old days :smiley:

Now they move to roblox :smiley:


I’m so glad I have minecraft pe, pc, and xbox. Lol.


When LBSG is broken/buggy/difficult to play, players move on to other servers, for your sake, I hope they come back.



No words.



I cant make a new account by changing my name so ill make a new microsoft account1!1!1!1!1!1!1!


… Minecraft is Dying :frowning:

That’s all I can say


Although lifeboat WAS my favorite server, I’m afraid I won’t be playing anymore. Lifeboat went downhill ever since they paired up with microsoft (in my opinion).


And the Reason why I created this comment because.

I feel like most players don’t like this update but Microsoft is making this safe as @Galactic_Storm galactic said because children can get their accounts hack if they make that account by hackers, and children can ask permission to their parents to get an account. so like they can check whether or not they played safe to there accounts that their parents can make sure the servers are safe and secure for this update

but there was a disagreement on this topic, most players saaid
Microsoft needs to remove this feature because it will make LBSG players the worst experience and also said most of the LBSG players are leaving for this and it makes lifeboat less of a server and more an argument and VIPs, MVPs, GOATs have the full experience and NON-VIPs don’t get too much of the experience and they don’t wanna do that - what they mean is lbsg players don’t pay, because their parents don’t get a perm and they cant play for a full experience or they just do wanna pay to play an experience also @Darkplasma014 Said When Microsoft Paired With Minecraft, Minecraft Servers, and MC Went downhill since then

People don’t like the fact is Microsoft killed Minecraft - that’s all I can say for now.

For My opinion, I feel like the servers need Equality so the experience can be excellent, No Need for Special ranks or paying to play, But! They Cant do that because they need money to play and soon Lifeboat Won’t Last a Year…

that’s all I can say :confounded::frowning_face: