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Microsoft now requires XBOX accounts to join servers. Not good


I need help with getting my username back cuz of the lifeboat XBL account thing


And lots of my friends can’t even join anymore


Do /lbattach while logged into Xbox LIVE
It should bring up a screen
Type in your original Lifeboat account name and password.
You Should be good to go


And why’s that?


I know I already did that


I don’t know ctf just doesn’t work it


It always says disconnected to server whenever my friends try to join

  1. Then you should have all your old Stats, Ranks etc from your old account on your new account
  2. Does it Say “Invalid IP Address”?


No it doesn’t say invalid IP address but it does say that for sg50


Do you know how I can deattach my account?


If it says “Invalid IP Address” The server you’re attempting to join is currently shutdown.
Atm. Sg1-48 or around those numbers should be up and running.
If it says “Disconnected from server” they probably just have bad internet


Why would you want to deattach your account?


Cuz I don’t like my username


Have you used your Free Name change yet? If Not. Just Change your name on the Xbox website. If you have. Well, You can’t unless you pay 10 Bucks


It’s still annoying


What is?


Not having friends on with you


Could you reword that sentence?


Like loneliness you know when none of your friends play and your the only one