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Microsoft now requires XBOX accounts to join servers. Not good


Not particularly relevant, seeing they can still play Lifeboat either way.


People dont even care about ESRB Ratings? How about making sure your account is safe if you under aged by saying, this is a child account by the parents…

Geez buying MINECRAFT by microsft is the worst idea ever


Not necessarily, but in all honesty, I’ve seen many under 10 year olds play Minecraft. I started playing before I was 10, and so did several people that I know. The parents may take the ratings into consideration, but Minecraft is seen as a kids game, there’s nothing really all that violent in it, and in my own opinion the ratings often seem to err a bit on the safe side and recommend the game for older people even though it seems like it would be fine with younger people too.


Srsly, People Really Don’t Listen to ESRB Ratings. There’s Tons of 9 year olds On GTA and CoD Nowadays…


Hmmm… millenials are rule breakers?


Maybe. though there’s no Actual Law that says people have to listen to ESRB Ratings




It’s not illegal. Not exactly recommended, but you won’t get thrown into jail for it.


Well not too intense, how about parents scolding at you?


HAHAHA nice job, congratulations

Easy to do

Don’t ya have a job to do?


Multiple Points Here Made :smiley:


Do you even have to say that question?
I’m still college, cuz I want to have a mastery and I want to be well educated before I go and find a job



Nope, I’m a plain simple kid :smiley:


Then dont ask senseless questions if you are a plain kid! C’mon! show some respect to others


Ikr! When I tried emailing lifeboat support it never worked so idk what to do anymore


What would you need help with?


Do you like the new update??

  1. Doesn’t answer My Question
  2. Only good thing is Requiring Xbox LIVE to play and cross-play. Other than that. it’s trash


What do I do if I try sending a support mail and it doesn’t work


Nothing really. But I am asking
What Would you need help with?
someone here could answer your question