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Microsoft now requires XBOX accounts to join servers. Not good


Guys, we need to stop this. Together. Not everyone has a Xbox account. Microsoft’s decision to make EVERY server require AN XBOX LIVE ACCOUNT is just RIDICULOUS. What about all the 6 year olds who play as guests? Guess what? They are gone now. Never coming back. Well there goes Less than half of LBSG players. Microsoft is the reason MCPE is dying. LBSG is going to lose half of its community. Oh and it gets even worse… What about the people who CAN make an XBOX Live account but they’re username is already taken? For example, my old username is iCows, and thats taken on xbox!!! Same thing with eCows, iCows, TruM00. So now what? Lets get this straight, ALL OG XBOX USERNAMES ARE TAKEN. So if you had a nice name such as Flameee, say goodbye to that and hello to some username you wont like. 1.2 just released today… looks like I wont be playing haha. MCPE just turned into straight trash, i remember when you could just hop on and play with no limits. Now we need a dreaded xbox account, which eliminates half the players. RIP MCPE, Shame on you Microsoft. DO NOT UPDATE.

Comment and tell me your thoughts on this.


What About Those 10 Year Old Sexual Roleplayers? Majority Will Be Gone Soon once they’re banned. Unless they’re willing to pay 10 Bucks to change their name
what about those Hacker Guests? Lifeboat couldnt take actions against them and would continue hacking without being Locked. Like The Sexual Roleplayers, Majority Of Hackers should be gone.

Making an Xbox Account Is COMPLETELY Free, No Hassle whatsoever.

Can Agree, though, they’re ruining MC Completely, Not Just PE.

/lbattach fixes that problem

Other Than that. 1.2 Is Complete Trash, Only good things are XLive being required and cross-play, Is, Sorta good.


What do you mean? You need update try again. I’m not sure, tell is not longer.


True, I did /lbattach to my locked account and now I cant play at all lmao.
And its super laggy but what you described is somewhat right, it will be easier to manage


no you dont bruh Turn your automatic updates off and play on different servers and boycott Lifeboat LMAO


auto turn on update.


very much. Should be fixed soon though


Oh and making xbox accounts isnt that easy. You need to confirm your email and all this stuff. I have many friends who weren’t able to make one themself and i had to give them one


Drako this update is some trash. It’s ruining minecraft. Im too old for it anyways, Im just concered that my brothers cant play minecraft


Same here.


Confirming An Email Is Pretty easy. tbh and imo


Did you just admit to being the guy who got banned off here until December 2nd, 2044.

Sounds smart. I applaud your logic, and am currently starting a stopwatch to see how long you last without getting a suspension.


I Think So.


Wonder why kids under age of 10 are not allowed, this is because MINECRAFT is rated 10+ Mild Violence, Official ESRB Rating, for more information about MINECRAFT’s ESRB Rating make sure to go to Google…

Main topic

Now for starters, kids under age of 10 are not capable of making emails, mostly, confirming them. I’ve experienced this since i Dont have a phone when I was a kid, you need a phone to confirm or so, another e-mail account.

For me as 28 years old, I have now the capability to make e-mails as long as possible

Another reason, Kids under age of ten are not even allowed to use phones, it will vary to your Parents’ discipline on you…

If they are too strict they wont let you, if they are gentle then sure you will have…

But it takes time making e-mails as a child so that you can have your XBOX Live account


Different company things label them differently. For example, on the iOS App Store it’s rated 9+.

And in all honesty, I would wager a large amount of Minecraft players are in the <10 range, and by doing that Microsoft would be cutting off servers to a large amount of players. I would like to point out that with a decent amount of effort under 10 year olds can make XBL accounts. They could use their parents’ email addresses, parents’ phone number, etc. For the record, both myself and several of my friends had fully functional email accounts before we were 10. Just because it says you have to be a certain age to make a email thing doesn’t mean everyone does, and not all email things require a phone.

I can say that personally, I’ve seen several people under the age of 10 with phones. It does make it a good deal more complicated, granted, but it’s not 100% impossible.


App Store on iOS has incorrect ratings, they actaully opinion it on their own.

You know, parents can always make their Accounts for their children, unless they think of it as useless



It was a example. There are other ratings:


Not all emails require another account to confirm it.

Children could make the account, and ask for their parents to help. Doesn’t have to be pre-made by the parents.



What you mean is that PARENTS are now the one holding the account not the kid itself. Cuz the parent was the one who made it


As If People even Listen to that


It was rated 9+, yet I’ve seen 4 year olds play it. Is it illegal to play a game rated for a older audience? No.