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Message to staff :<(


Because you want to brag about it? Smh

Jokes aside, I think so…

You can check on the status page…


There isn’t a setting you can change to do this, but it’s possible in a theme.

Add this to admin > customize > themes > edit CSS/HTML > common > head

If you want to add more groups:

Add the name where it says // Add group names here and then duplicate one of the sections

Duplicate the section surrounded by <!-- Duplicate me -->

Change the group name and title in the section you just duplicated (where noted)

As for renaming pemissions like ‘staff’ ‘crew’ etc.

Visit admin > customize > text content and search for our admins (or any other text within Discourse) you can change it there.

done, done and done


Yeah I’ve looked into it and fiddled around with the HTML (I also figured out that Hive probably just renamed their mods to admins and their admins to owners). Unfortunately I’m right about to leave for a trip to Europe (I’m literally typing at the airport, lol) so it won’t be implemented for a while.


How dare you prioritize your holiday over the forums!

Joking in case you couldn’t tell


Uh staffs can’t just yell at everyone on forums. Some may be active but other could be unactive. U can always start cool topics or even view other topics.


Remember when penguistry was a thing???


it still is


Start a cool topic cause, here are examples:

  1. Start a any topic
  2. Re-introduce urself.
  3. Dm users,
  4. Report rule breakers,
  5. Go to other topics and read suggestions and more,
  6. GIive people likes,
  7. Make a poll.
  8. Make a meet up topic,
    And more!