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Message to staff :<(


They don’t even contribute xD


No, but that’s not a technical issue. Minecraft itself and overall playercounts are way lower than they were in 2017 or even early 2018, is there anything on the forums that’s interrupting user experience so badly people are leaving?


It just Discourse permission levels, anyone with the shield will be there.


I noticed the devs and staffs are listed in moderation, are they forum moderators… its quite confusing


No, they just have moderator permissions here. There’s two levels (plus TL4), moderation and admin. Any with moderation permissions will be in that section.


-sighs- Have you listened to our feedback/suggestions? Have you looked at other servers that are competitive with you guys?


why not just add mods to the mod section and admins to admin so it wont be confusing to players or maybe make a custom section


It’s definitely possible on Discourse, I just couldn’t find how.

As for the suggestions, we do look at them. We’re working on some of them but me and Serenity are both students and can’t implement everything immediately.


Only person living under the rock is you. The forums have always been like this. Hard to take anything you say seriously though, your bio literally says you’re a “part time troller.”


I reread everything and don’t know where to start… this is for real b s.


I can relate with that ^


Discourse has the option to add this kinda stuff? Because I know that it’s possible that you can catch a players username if you make them sign onto the forums with Xbox Live, meaning that if it was connected with the Lifeboat API you could include a players stats on their profile, in the forums itself.


It’s not that easy, most of the forum updates are made by me and Serenity and we simply can’t do something that complicated without bringing in the dev team and it’d be a lot of effort all around. I suppose we could bring back that little display thing where you could type in your username though, if that’s worth anything.

The Forum Directors

I don’t fully know, as I am much more used to Xenforo than Discourse. My idea was,

This area would expand into a small rectangle, and inside that rectangle would be some rich text (possibly from fonts.google.com’s API) containing a players overall wins, deaths, and a link to their leaderboard / player profile. This is something rather small, and I am sure it is managable.


I’m familiar with google fonts (used it for the custom fonts for the Steel Blue theme), but how would that link up with accessing a player’s in-game information?


It would require access to Lifeboat’s private API, which could then link link up a players data from the Lifeboat database, containing their stats. As for the link to their profile, the link can be added like <a href="Insert Link Here">Player Stats</a>


Obviously, the rectangle will be longer than that, maybe width= 500px; height= 40px;


Yeah I see what you’re saying, we’ll ask our tech guy about it. All the examples you’ve given are all probably meant to be done via CSS/HTML, the hardest part is probably just getting the API and everything connected. Anyways, if you have more ideas maybe move to DM.


Yeah, it seems a rather small thing to do, but it is something that will be pretty much unique on the Lifeboat forums. It seems rather easy to implement this kind of thing.


Does Lifeboat even keep track of how many wins players have? I don’t see a win count anywhere on the stats page…