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Message to staff :<(


You better do something about the forums because it’s very quiet.




Time to step up and actually do something for once. We are not being updated about the progress being made on the forums.


Penguin and I were left with this so it’s not really our fault that the forums is quite inactive. We’re trying to work with it and implement in-game advertisements to boost the amount of users here.


Also you are being updated, this has been pinned for awhile.


It’s not as easy as it looks, we plan a lot of stuff but it’s hard to execute and we don’t want to announce anything without knowing it’s being deployed. Plus we can’t do a lot of the technical stuff.


Lifeboat needs to hire better staff then because at this rate the Lifeboat forums is falling in amount of users who visit each day. I have lost confidence in the forum staff. We all have. Atleast, hire a tech guy.


It’s like having a person who is illiterate in English becoming a lawyer.


I am da life dat keeps da boat alive; if I die everyone dies. :joy:


We are dealing with a very serious problem here. Don’t change the subject.


We do have a tech guy (Alex) but he doesn’t do day-to-day forum management or anything. He’s the one that does the plugins and updates. Personally I have some knowledge of HTML/CSS/JavaScript but not enough to do much except help with themes.


Alex is unfit for the job then. Not being disrespectful.


How so?


Because if he was good and actually cared about the forum service then we wouldn’t be in such mess.


A tech guy is not needed for everything, for something like this, pretty sure you guys can edit pages.

The about us page is messed up, I have no clue who is a moderator and who is not… Plus the crew members aren’t included in it.

Maybe instead of putting “Official Lifeboat Volunteer”, add their specific title so we know whos a beta tester, mod, artist, translator etc…


Yeah yeah we can do those, I’ll clear it with Serenity first though. As for the about page I think it’s organized by Discourse permissions level, I’ve looked but can find where to change it.


Mess? What do you mean?


I don’t get what’s going on. Lol.


Can’t you clearly see that this forum is suffering? The amount of users there were before compared to now. Guess you’ve been living under a rock, heh?


Most of the people listed in moderation don’t even moderate the forums