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Hello, Lifeboat members!

This is your topic to post and view memes, videos, gifs, or whatever you see fit that is relevant to this topic! The goal here is to get a good list of posts that will build up over time and possibly be the go to place for when you are bored.


  1. Posts must follow the forum rules
  2. Try to make one post at a time as too many at once can be quite spammy
  3. Do not steal and repost
  4. Extra points if it’s Lifeboat related! (Jk no points system)
  5. Rules may change or be added

That’s all there is to it, now go forth and do what you all do best!

This is ok
Memes // Comedy

I’ll start:

Yes, this inspired me to start this topic! xD




I have so many pewdiepie memes i just realised.









I don’t see this as an option for type of discussion [if you know what I mean]
Why is that?


That was a funny video!




Wow, that has humor!


Go for it! :grin:




click full image below


I know I’m gonna enjoy this topic


Indeed lol