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Member Introduction - BeeTM


(Please correct any grammar or spelling errors that may have popped up on this thread as I am currently writing on both the Computer as well as the iPad. I usually switch from time to time)

Hey There! :lifeboat:

You may know me already from my old usernames “HeyItsBeeYT” as well as “YourPalSquiddy” but if you don’t, it’s totally OK! I am always open to meeting new people and getting to know them a bit more. I joined the Lifeboat community four years ago (around 2014) so I’m not new however. I have been a member on Lifeboat for a bit of time but as I stated above, many of my account were deleted due to posting unnecessary threads as well as to avoid any negative outcomes when it comes to posting threads. I do aim to create threads that follow the Lifeboat TOS as well as on the server in which I’m usually on the survival game server now and then is if you see me, don’t be afraid to say hello! Anyway, my main focus on my new account also includes creating longer threads so that I can explain a bit more. People usually write around 2-6 sentences on their thread and don’t take the time to explain much or not put much time onto writing each thread. Other than playing Minecraft PE and being part of the Lifeboat Community, I enjoy participating in sports such as Ice Hockey, Track & Field and Cheerleading. (Yes, boys can do cheerleading too so don’t judge me -_- ). My other hobbies also include creating Tee-Shirts in which I currently own my own small business called BUZZ N FUZZ and I am currently developing tee-shirts called The Lord Harbee Pocket Tee. This shirt contains a bee character named Harbee in which was hand drawn by a friend of mine who is asking to keep her information with confidentially. Anyway, the main point of The Lord Harbee Pocket Tee is there is a bee in your pocket and when you pull the pocket down, it reveals the bee making a :ok_hand: sign. Pretty funny huh? My hobbies also include interacting with the Furry Community because yes, I am a furry as well OwO. My all time favorite fursona has to be @Hazard_DutchAD and he’s the reason why I’m part of the furry community! Thank you so much for what you do. I am personally appreciative by your work at Lifeboat and in the furry community also. My hobbies also include writing & drawing. I am pretty trash at drawing but of course I try my best because we are not perfect!

That concludes my introduction! If you have any questions or you want to talk, just slide into my DM’s! It’s always open. Also, feel free to comment below if you have any questions/concerns or just wanna interact with the community, you can do so!

Happy Lifeboating :lifeboat:

  • BeeTM


Hai Bee!

What an amazing introduction, and i’m flattered that think of Hazard being your favourite fursona! Welcome to the Lifeboat forums!