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Mcpe beta screenshots!









You lied. Those are not beta


u said wot m8


Seems legit.


Thank you @smartypig38, very cool!


Nice! Also on version 1.8.0 on mcpe, they have experimental option where there is now pandas, crosshows, bamboo, scaffolding and thats all i know, and @smartypig38 whats your version?

Also i hate the new texture that minecraft has, minecraft doesent seem minecraft anymore to me and i feel, i loved the old textures and even in schools, there were minecraft diary books and it had old minecraft texture. I hope mine never changes.


On IOS 1.8 is the version and it adds the pandas and bamboos, and some other features.
Since I am doing the beta this version is 1.10 despite the actual release going to be 1.9.
If you put experimental gameplay on beta you get the illager beast, new villager textures, new villages, new villager textures, nitwits, pillager outposts, new blocks.

Still waiting for raids.


I though he took a screenie with the beta testers.


Nice! Also do beasts destroy all types of block?


It’s more fun to take pictures of new features than take a selfie with some person with the tag beta.


Nope, but on pc they’re part of raids and wil attack big nosed villagers and illagers ride them.
Not for mcpe yet.


Oh thanks!


im waitin 4 the composters it gives a Redstone output so u can use 4 data storage…


What I really want to see is an update where the villagers can finally fight to defend themselves.

I feel bad every time I see them get slaughtered by zombies. Iron Golems basically never spawn.


I’m gonna miss you, old villagers.