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Hello, LifeBoaters! How are you today? Hope you’re having a great day!

I made this topic to discuss about Avengers: EndGame and some other Marvel forthcoming movies. I would highly propose watching Captain Marvel, if you haven’t already. It’s a stupendous movie. Not gonna spoil that much as it just released. In that movie they show you the Nick Fury before his eye got damaged and how the word “Marvel” was created.

Captain Marvel was the first superhero, she was known before the creation of the Marvel Universe… She didn’t got much significance and attention because Avengers and Spider-Man especially got so much voguish… That people didn’t really payed much attention to first superhero of the Marvel Universe She was staggering, her personality, anger, appearance, attacks and so much… I don’t have much words to describe her…

Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse

It wasn’t really related to Infinity war or Avengers EndGame, which was fine, but the animations was marvellous, and Miles Morales is one of my ideal superhero, you can obviously tell by seeing my profile picture and congrats to the team for getting Oscars!!

I would like to see your perspective and thoughts upon the Marvel movies, animations, characters and so much more!

No spoilers will be accepted in this post, so please refrain from posting spoilers

After finishing your message, not being lazy, please add RIP Stan Lee




I’ve seen Captain Marvel and I’m wondering if the villians on there are gonna show up in “Endgame” with Thanos.

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That the end of movie

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Hello fellow marvel fan here, just going to fix a mistake I saw lol sorry

First of Captain Marvel started of as a boy in the comics (yes I read the comics) and idk is now a girl (I can’t remember how that happened). Also Captain Marvel was first actually introduced to the world by DC! DC came up with Captain Marvel but later changed the name to SHAZAM.
Also I would say that the Human Torch was the first superhero ever because the first comic Marvel ever published, (which was actually published by Timely Comics but it was labelled as Marvel Comics) had him on the cover against Namor (bless the fantastic four comic series)

Again SHE DIDN’T START OF AS A WOMAN SKSKS sorry my inner marvel fangirl is triggered

Also that’s not true lol but I don’t know how but I know it’s definitely not because of Captain Marvel.

Sorry for that, those little details annoy me to death as a hardcore fan (little bit of an exaggeration but do I care? No) anyways let’s talk Captain Marvel. Saw it yesterday and omg I love Brie Larson.

Here’s my thoughts but I’ll blur it so no spoilers :]

it isn’t the best movie ever but it’s not the worst movie either. The fact that it’s Goose’s fault that Fury lost his eye was hilarious and every fury and goose moment was amazing. The post credit scenes though… First one “where’s fury” got me right in the heart but then when it opens to an empty chair with the sign “nick fury” that just hurt even more. And then goose just vomits out the tesseract like what the beep Goose.
It was really just an average superhero movie in my opinion.

So Captain Marvel will appear in Endgame. Now you’ve probably heard that people aren’t too happy about that as it means she’ll probably be the one fighting Thanos and saving the day and the audience barely know her (unless you read the comics :]]). I think the one who should kill Thanos is Thor, Iron Man or Captain America. Why? They all have something with Thanos but Captain Marvel doesn’t so it wouldn’t mean as much to the audience however if it was one of those three it would have more impact. I personally would like it to be done by Thor but if not him I hope it’s one of the other two.



To be more accurate, there was another comic book company with a Captain Marvel, which DC sued for being too similar to Superman (or something like that). The name hung around a bit but the copyright expired or something so Marvel picked up the name with an agreement with DC about how it could be used (iirc they can call the character Captain Marvel but not put it on covers, eventually they changed his name or something because it was getting confusing). There’s actually a movie about SHAZAM/Captain Marvel (DC) that comes out this year.

The first comic Captain Marvel was a guy, Carol Danvers used to be known as Ms. Marvel and had a few aliases through the years before getting the Captain Marvel moniker.

About the movie, I really wanted to see the Captain Marvel movie but I was busy this weekend and since I leave for my trip to Europe on Wednesday it looks like I won’t be able to see it until April.

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I don’t read that much comics as I sometimes don’t understand half of the things written there.

Now, obviously, I would believe that Captain Marvel was a girl as in every marvel game, episodes and a few comics that I have read, shown Captain Marvel as a female character. We don’t wanna know about what first gender was choosed for Captain Marvel, we go with final gender chosen for Ms. Marvel.

DC is another world not related to Marvel, so, I don’t see how Captain Marvel could’ve been first introduced in DC comics…

The thing that I really hated, you spoiled a few parts, I legit hate spoilers. Please remove them as I believe not many players have seen the topic and I don’t wanna ruin their fun… So, it’s best if you don’t spoil anything.

About EndGame, all avengers would participate in defeating thanos including Ant-Man and Captain Marvel, we know that. I heard rumors on YouTube, that Doctor Strange Would make a return after being erased. Which I wouldn’t like to go any further with it, I’m not quite sure if it’s true, but if it really is, then I’m so hyped…

You don’t like the movie, that’s your choice… No comments on that, we have our own view points…

I would like to go with the recent movies of Marvel, that I believe Stan Lee/Marvel Studios or the Disney made changes in the story, I like it the way it is going, 89% or more, Marvel fans have read comics like you and me, Although, I don’t read them much but I take my interest In them while reading and understanding them…

Marvel studios can’t go straight or authoritatively with their movies, making changes in it and driving the movie a bit here and there, would make us more excited about story as it is something different.

I don’t see as why people wouldn’t be happy, she was known, but no one gave her more significance or attention, doesn’t make her concealed, another reason for her not getting much attention, because people were busy in Age of ultron, Spider-Man movies and game, knowing thanos more and etc. When people saw infinity war post credit scene that made them more curious about her… Every hero that is participating in EndGame obviously would battle thanos, but I don’t think Captain Marvel would be the one who will defeat him, if you don’t know… There’s an inexplicable connection between Tony and Thanos, there are numerous disguised things in the forthcoming movies (Avengers: endgame)

About defeating Thanos, it could be the whole team or an individual… It’s really hard to tell as there are no scenes of fighting in the trailer, I can’t even hypothesis it… It’s an complicated and most sceptical movie, I believe.

RIP Stan Lee



That rude you know you could just ask him that just sad :sob: smh



I’m gonna cry now they finish infinity war :sob::sob: just sad



I absolutely with not a single doubt loved Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse, i can even say its one of the best animation movies ever, (spoiler) i hate the fact that peter parker died cuz i adored him, but miles is at the same level of adorment as peter parker, and he is in my age so i can relate to him so much, and thats why i love tom holland too, and about cap. Marvel i still havent watched it, but i look forward too watching it.

Rip Stan Lee



Peter dies? I was going to watch it tonight. :frowning:

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Ohhhh shoooottt, i spoiled it



I don’t think, that I’m gonna spoil anything as the movie has been released 3 months ago…

Peter Parker is the main Spider-Man, that can’t die in his story, I could be wrong, but I didn’t saw him die in his dimension…

There are several Dimensions where Peter dies and a new person takes place…

When Peter died in Gwen Stacy’s dimension, then she took his place. And became Spider Gwen or Ghost Spider.

Miles dimension was the most paramount part as it was the first dimension where Peter died by Monster Green Goblin and then after Peter’s death, Miles become the new Ultimate Spider-Man

How Miles become Spider-Man?

The character possesses powers similar to those of the original Spider-Man, which were derived from the bite of a spider genetically engineered by Spider-Man’s nemesis [Norman Osborn] in an attempt to duplicate those abilities.

He got some different and more awesome powers than the classic Spider-Man (Peter) like being invisible whenever he gets hysterical he becomes camouflage, then later in the comics/story. He gains control over his emotions and feelings like a true Spider-Man, when he first become Spider-Man or like got the ascendancy, at that time, he was so frantic.

Venom shock was one of the coolest ability that he got!

Miles can send a bio- electric shock to his enemies or destroy technology. This Venom shock was used in the fight between Venom and Miles Morales. I’m not gonna cover the part where Venom killed his mom. After defeating Venom he quit/left the responsibility of being an Ultimate Spider-Man. There’s much more after that, but it’s just too long, I’m lazy to type whole story…

RIP Stan Lee



I actually liked the movie imo thought ppl were being too harsh on it. I think they should’ve given Captain Marvel like a big flaw. Maybe recklessness idk but she seemed too perfect imo.



And I realised that too but if you didn’t notice I BLURRED the spoilers so people who haven’t seen the movie could choose to view my opinion

Sure, maybe I didn’t word it as well as I could have but I think from that sentence a person could be like “oh look that post has spoilers so they BLURRED it so people would have the choice to view these spoilers” or something along those lines.

Well you should see what the Internet has to say on Captain Marvel pal.
Most are quite fine with the movie, me included but there are those who weren’t as happy for kind of understandable reasons. First is being how Kevin Feige stated before Captain Marvel was even out that “She will be the most powerful superhero in the MCU and that she’ll be the one taking the lead” . Now fans were upset by this because how can you say that when the movie isn’t even out yet. People were thinking she would just be another Superman, by that I mean she’ll be able to take down Thanos with no struggle and will require no help from the available heros that didn’t disappear after the snap. To expand on my ‘Superman’ point, what I meant was how Superman very easily defeated Steppenwolf in Justice League and it made Batman, The Flash, Wonderwoman, Cyborg and Aquaman seem really useless as Superman could have just done everything they did.

There’s more reasons like the way ‘Captain Marvel’ was advertised and Brie Larson herself (she has quite the controversies) but I’m really not bothered to talk about that so just search it up.



People aren’t really hating on her and as I said earlier that we don’t have to look at her past gender, Captain Marvel’s gender is set as a female.

Thanos has 6 infinity stone, sure se can surpass Thanos but without the stones and here is why:

Mind stone - Shows things which aren’t real, semblance.

He can control her emotions through the mind stones by showing her everything is fine.

Space stone - Thanos can travel anywhere in the galaxy.

If Captain Marvel succed in defeating Thanos, he’ll escape like when Thor injured him with his hammar, but he escaped by using the Space stone.

Power stone - The Power Stone is one of the the remnant of a singularity that predates the universe. The Power Stone is a powerful weapon capable of granting a person great, cosmic power, but is highly likely to kill any organic beings that touch It.

I can’t really set an example on this one, sadly.

Time stone - It has the ability to manipulate time, even in places “beyond” time, such as the [Dark Dimension] . It was contained inside the [Eye of Agamotto under the protection of the [Masters of the Mystic, who swore to protect it. [Doctor Strange]came across the relic in Wong’s library and used it to force a bargain with Dormammu

If CaptainMarvel is so close in defeating Thanos, he can just stop or reversed the time which is interminable.

Soul stone - Allows the user to steal, control, manipulate, and alter living and dead souls. The Soul Gem is also the gateway to an idyllic pocket universe . At full potential, the Soul Gem grants the user control over all life in the universe.

Again, I can’t set an example of it.

Captain Marvel can’t defeat thanos alone, in any way, there’s no possible way for her to do so. Superman is immortal but thanos can use space stone to teleport him to his planet, where he becomes weak And can kill him there easily. Captain Marvel isn’t immortal so it won’t be hard for him to kill her, for sure she can do damage but with 6 infinity stones, she won’t able to take him down, Captain Marvel is as strong as Thor. But Thor would a little stronger than Captain Marvel. As to prove this statement of mine true, I can’t just explain it to you here, but YouTube would certainly clear your doubts.

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Ant man can go in side thanos but and grow in side him making thanos exsploed



We should ban you right here, right now… :joy:



I am just saying is true theory



That theory won’t work!!



That won’t happen, Joe Russo himself denied false rumors like this in an interview.