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March Update (Hang on to your sails!)


Very interesting information will be revealed. I’ve seen what it is, and it is very eye-opening.


Wow! You’ve really outdone yourself, great job! :+1:


Thanks for you work LifeBoat Crew!

Happy Lifeboating! :sailboat:


I bet it won’t be much of a deal.


I’ll be home from school at 6:00PM :sweat_smile:


why so much anticipation then? There wasn’t this much excitement for ZA, oitc or even bh blitz. It has to be something bigger right?


Okay, so on the stream, it said there was some files leaked and they have no choice but to show them. Wonder what they are…


No, it isn’t a huge deal. But it is rather interesting to see. It’ll give you some insight as to how some things work here.


too bad. I was hoping for more


Its gonna be HUGE


That is why I got notified of a badge given to me that I had earned over one and a half years ago a few days ago.
Still confused to the fact that I didn’t earn all of them. I have two of the new ones…


It’s tuesday where the announcement!?


like number 30, be happy!!


Well well I hope to see the board will improve the forum


It got uploaded, then deleted. And I was playing ZA. Can’t believe I missed out on it…


Why are you like this


Great!!!Well done Lifeboat looking forward to the new update


Congratulations! @Galactic_Storm Thank you so much for your service @RamenNoodles_


No more Ramen? Dang, I have joined here in January of last year, noticing a lot of changes. I won’t lie, I do miss the old people on the forums I was friends with, like Oscar, Adam, and too much more. I am sad about these new changes, but I am happy because it could be beneficial for the forums.


Ur boi noobieradam is the way to go