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March Update (Hang on to your sails!)


Happy March!

A few things have changed here in Lifeboat within the past couple of weeks. Here will be a little recap of all recent changes throughout the network.

As many of you are probably aware, RamenNoodles is no longer a part of our staff team. We thank all her lovely contributions she has made to the Forums and the network overall.

I am now responsible for monitoring the Forums, if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to let me know. We also have had a couple new support representatives join our team, responses sent on the Forums/Our main website should be sent much more efficiently than previously.

Forum Update~
Today is the day!

Oh jolly, I’ve been looking forward to sprucing things up here for a while. (Some of you have already made posts acknowledging these changes, but here’s a brief overview of what’s new:

  • Main Discourse software updated. (A few things here and there may be different. This is more admin-side)

  • Two-Factor Authentication. Enable this in Settings > Preferences > Account > Two Factor Authentication > Enable

  • Three new Badges, Enthusiast, visiting the Forums for 10 continuous days; Aficionado, visiting the Forums for 100 continuous days; Devotee visiting the Forums for 365 continuous days.

  • Typing indicator, now you can see when your friends are typing on a post or direct message!

  • Online status now appears as a green dot on your profile picture, in addition to the main online list.

  • Report category created under “Help”, to differ between reports and general concerns.

  • Ability to mark a response as a “Solution”, this will be used by Forum Crew to easily distinguish between “Help” topics. Topic creators can also mark a post as a solution if they so choose.

  • Group chat integration. Located in the top-right hand corner next to the search menu (displayed by the icon of two chat bubbles) where you can openly converse with users across the Forums! Available to those with Trust Level 3 (Regular) and above.

  • Custom Footer featuring Discord, Twitter, and YouTube platforms. Easily connect across all our major social platforms.

  • Development category removed, now located under the Creativity Corner parent category. Any posts previously located under any sub-topics were moved there.

  • Tags! Posts can now be filtered by tags, limited to the creator of each topic. Available to those with Trust Level 3 (Regular) and above.

Phew, that was a lot! If I forgot anything I may add it in later this evening. Or if other changes come about.

:rotating_light: Biggest News to Lifeboat Yet!!! :rotating_light:
I am limited to how much of this I am able to share… because it is something no one is ready to expect. Long-held secrets never before told, super top secret information is going to be released.

You don’t want to miss it, coming to you this Tuesday.

If you notice any bugs or issues with the above changes or anything else, please do not hesitate to let me know.

And as always, Happy Lifeboating! :sailboat:

~ Storm

- Forum Crew -
Fam where the announcement at

Nice Job!

Happy Lifeboating! :sailboat:




Great work as always Storm, looking good! :sunglasses:


I think the best addition is a button to insert a darned hyperlink! :joy:
Couldn’t do that on the mobile version, I struggled trying to switch to “desktop site” and back to mobile when using the forums on my phone. :sweat_smile:


I can’t wait for the secret! Will it change Lifeboat?


The Forums are looking fantastic! Looking forward to the big news on Tuesday!


Amazing new stuff! Can’t wait for Tuesday!!


Imagine the update is just another pet. Jk I cant wait for it :grin:


Well hawt dog!


yyyeeaaaaahhhh boiii


Add a badge for the most number of flags received :smiley:

It should be titled ‘Constructive Post Maker’ xD

I got the aficionado


Love it! :smiley:




Probably a new game mode. It’s about the aliens attacking us.


About this update coming to us on Tuesday is it on YouTube and on the forums or just YouTube?


I was the first one to post… but, rhis one is more official… ok… LOVE THE UPDATE A LOT


Top secret information! :wink:


like really


The new update looks cool!