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Make every one member


U on everyday u need forum mod


I can not be a Mod cause I am a Noob!

And I apparently do not meet requirments

Right @Galactic_Storm @Fishy @xCattyy ??


But fishy only been mod for little bit bf u and she senior mod??


If you want ot dm me about it you can


Idk how to dm


Fishy is a hard working individual and deserves her promotion. Being promoted does not solely base on how long you’ve been on the team.


Well Well Well, I am a hard worker, why don’t I get excepted?
At least for forum Mod or even Form Helper?


I’m assuming you might have not met the requirements but the staff have their reasons behind their decisions. Just try harder next time and improve yourself if you really want to become a part of the team.

Also, let’s get back on topic, shall we?


Oh I did, I tried and applied 4 – 5 times!!!
If the Owner of the lifeboat only knew


I don’t question her position I question why kibble no get mod


Yeah… maybe Kitty is working hard enough, this is supporting stress…


Are you a little kid? You never act reasonably here…


I swear. Reading this phrase feels like Fishy is a test subject or something.


Why u so mean for


Hey! Let’s not start drama here shall we?


Not all applicants get accepted, you have to underdstand that. If you keep striving to make yourself better you may get there one day.

On a side note why did I just get tagged in four different topics?


Bc ur popular


No, just by kibbles


Crush? XD


Let’s stay on topic now. This topic has nothing to do with mods and how to be one.