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Make every one member


Well im with you, but it has a year that i leveled my rank :v


You are active, but you need to have visited for at least 15 days, and meet all requirements, tbh, I might have been a regular or member by now If I used my profile last year, sadly not.


Its ez to become a memeber

just keep on posting and stuff that is useful and that has sense on it.


Trollers. Nuff said


So like make more sugestions!


its up to u


Ok I make more


In order to get the member level rank you have to have visited the forums for 15 days, you have 6 days. Just be patient and keep coming back everyday.

Making more topics isn’t going to get you there any faster.


gl lol


You have to be active a lot to become a member! The requirement I believe is visiting the forum for 15 days


Yep, then we have regular, 50 days at least out of a 100, then you can lose it if you did not visit for 50 days or do other requirements… I am not liking de idea of regular being loseable…

Then Leader… but you have to be granted it by an admin or some mod… unless they’re like, “Nah… I say we don’t grant!”


If everyone became a Regular off the back then this place would become…well… a train reck…


Why u lie for


Why you want regular so soon?


I no want regular I want member



This guy back in 2016 was kind enough to make a discussion to help people to understand how the system works.

Level 0 (new)

This level is for people who just created their account. Since we just moved to this system, everyone started here. It does has some restrictions. These are:

can’t send PMs
can’t flag posts
can’t post more than one image per post
can’t post attachments
can’t post more than two links per post
can’t have links in their profile’s about me section
can’t mention more than two users in a post

Level 1 (basic)

This is the first level you can move up to. It doesn’t take that long to achieve, really only a few minutes. Once you earn it, you can’t lose it. You get it by:

entering at least 5 topics
reading at least 30 posts
spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

People at Level 1 have all the new member restrictions removed.

Level 2 (member)

Level 2 is the second level you can achieve through normal means. It takes a little longer to get but isn’t out of reach. Again, once you earn it, you have it forever. You get it by:

Visit at least 15 days (not sequentially)
Cast at least 1 like
Receive at least 1 like
Reply to at least 3 different topics
Enter at least 20 topics
Read at least 100 posts
Spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts

Level 2s have access to more features. These are:

Access to the “Invite others to topic” button
Ability to create group PMs
Daily like limit increased by 1.5 times

Level 3 (regular)

This is the most difficult level to achieve as it is time and activity based instead of earn it on the way based. Because of this, you can lose this level if you fall below the requirements. You do get a two-week grace period upon earning it though to allow you to strive to retain it. In order to earn it, in the last 100 days, you must have:

visited at least 50 out of 100 days
replied to at least 10 different topics
viewed at least 25% of the topics created in the last 100 days
read at least 25% of the posts made in the last 100 days
must have received at least 20 likes, and given out 30
must not have receive more than 5 spam/offensive flags (must be on more than 5 different topics by more than 5 different users and confirmed by mods/admin)
must not have been suspended

Level 3s get a lot more features that they have access to. They are:

re-categorize and rename posts
access the private lounge
have their links followed
daily like limit increased by 2 times

Level 4 (leader)

This level is a little bit different. This can only be achieve if a mod/admin promotes you to this level. They are “mini-mods” as they get a few “moderating” features. They are able to:

edit all posts
pin/unpin topics
close (lock) topics
archive topics
make topics unlisted
split and merge topics
daily like limit increased by 3 times

(note: They are not actually full mods or admins and only have access to a few of their features)

If you would like to become this level, make sure you are active on the forums, aren’t a troublemaker, help other users, and contribute to the community with quality material. Maybe you will catch our eyes.

I hope this helps you understand why you can just be givin member off a wim :wink:
Peace, and Happy Lifeboating to you!!


Why r u not forum mod?


Cause I am hated by all the forums members…


And the Lifeboat Staff…