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Make every one member


No more basic user pls


You need to be more specific. This makes no sense…

Oh I see what you mean, no… I worked hard to become a regular user.


bro u just need to stay a week


I mean get rid of basic user and put member


Bro, it’s not that long to be a member, I’m almost a member, just a few more days, and I have more than enough of every other requirement.


You have to earn it. Getting member isn’t very difficult.


Pretty much, and good thing I activated myself this year, since I missed the whole last year, just 3 more days.


But why make basic user


Basic user is implemented if for the rare instance trolls were to peruse the forums. They don’t get a ton of permissions from the start. It also establishes something obtainable to reach for based on activity, rather than a basic one rank fits all.


what did basic users do to you


I’m just saying


Truth that


i worked hard on these forums
you should too for member


You’re becoming a troll at this point




I think that he mean that basic user sounds… weird and offencive


Ha u can’t not prove I’m troll mean ur troll


Yes it do


It’s not that hard. You just gotta be active. I miss my Regular :frowning:


But I is active and I still get no memeber