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Make crap bad word


It is mean when u say crap. I say to my family an they say it bad word


As of right now we do consider it punishable when used in a deliberately offensive manner, but not when it’s not targeted at anyone. I don’t believe we’re looking to change this policy at the moment.


U should cuz it bad word


Yes f is bad word


Lol crap isn’t a bad word bro


Look link


No one even considers it a bad word here and most other places


Yah, most of my family on my mom side is christian, and even she says “crap” isn’t a bad word


-5 secs later
Muted prr :v

  • Make it blocked
  • Let it stay

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In my house its bad. But I still say it in school. savage jake paulers dab :ok_hand::ok_hand:


But I dont like jake paul lol.


Well, I think it is dependent on the context it is used in.


Hap annoversery