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Luki has joined the server


Hello, I am Luki, yes I am a furry and I am very excited to be here, this is my first time being in this community, hopefully soon I can start helping out with the community. :smiley:


Hi there.


Hello Luki! Welcome to the forums!


Welcome to the Lifeboat community!

Feel free to message me about any questions that you might have. I’m also a moderator, so if you find someone breaking the rules, you know who to contact :slight_smile: You’ll meet a lot of people here, and make a lot of friends too. You could probably also tell, but I am a fellow furry myself x3 Anyways, I will probably see you around on the server!


OwO! Welcome aboard! You’ll get along perfectly fine with @Hazard_DutchAD and many more furries :grin:


Huwhai has left the server.
Welcome anyways!


welcome to the party




Yay, another furry member!! I also love your character, It looks adorable :heart_eyes: