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LoL, Peter came back


@TheShermanTanker2 You’ve got some explaining to do :joy:




u might be wrong tho


Peter? That Mod wannabe who posted his girlfriend’s picture?


woah not so fast lol. My main name was Miningdudegaming back when


I have applied for mod a long time ago tho. Too busy now tbh


@Killian Sorry ur wrong :wink:


Probably a different one as that other toxic one.


Lol rip


The sassy one?


But why does he has a black block on his profile?


@_hacker_mittu47 Bro u blind??? I got an iron :smiley:


Im so lost right now my head is about to fall off. Let me put it straight. im new here, but

ive played LBSG since 2015.

Ive never had a forums account.

I used to know xcattyy (Kinda) (NVM FORGET I said that)

I couldnt use my other name (Miningdudegaming) because it’s 1 word too long for and xbox live profile.

Look I dont know who the heck peter is,but I pity him :rofl: now please just give this whole conspiracy theory up :smiley:


@entity1O1 you think im blind well take a look at this


Hello darkness my old friend…


but why??

I dont see it




How about you take a new screenshot and post it??? Thats from right after I joined. Ethier your phones shot, or it’s a mixup :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It was kind of a forum veteran joke.

You guys seriously don’t remember peter? The one that had some brain problem? @Entity303? @NullGhost?


@Killian thx for telling me what this was about :smiley: