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Login system won’t let you log in to the app, Getting a YouTube rank, etc


I think the login system should be deleted, and an automatic one applied for when you join in a lifeboat server for the first time. You should just delete the whole ‘link xbl account’ thing because it doesn’t even work or make a difference most of the time. Heres how I think it should go.
Once you join into lifeboat for the very first time, a pop up appears that says ‘please enter the email associated with this xbl account and a password’, and you will have to do just that. I’m sure there will have to be a lot of contacting Microsoft about the bot knowing what every user’s email is, but that can probably be arranged, since you guys are trusted partners with Microsoft and everything. And besides, it gives your account extra security. And if you exit the box, you will become a guest, but none of your stats will save, and you won’t be able to purchase anything. But at any time, a guest can just use the command /signup to sign up. And once a user has signed up, every time they join, it will auto login, unless you want to become a guest for what ever reason, which you could use the command /signout. If you don’t play lifeboat for mabey 6 months, your account will sign out, and then you will have to sign in again, just for extra security. And also you can not create a new account once you have created one for that xbl account, because there can only be once email for that account. I don’t see why you would need too anyway. This would help it not clog up the system with people having HEAPS of different accounts. If you want to create a different account with a different email or whatever, you will have to login/create a new xbl account that you know the email to.

This would also come in handy for the Lifeboat+ app too, because there is no way of even logging in to it, but now you would just be able to use your same email and password you used and boom, your in. This would also help for getting your YouTube rank (the login), a more secure discord server (there can be a more advanced login for that aswell, a bit like how hivemc does their discord server. You might want to look at that to see what I’m talking about), and other stuff that you need to log in to. Because let’s face it. Even INPVP has a better app than us, because with that one you can actually log in to, and you get a RANK if you do.

And also, just another random suggestion, if your moderator application got denied, you should actually email them, so that there not just waiting there wondering if you should reapply or not. And you should actually tell them what they did wrong, so that they can actually improve.

I would really like to see this being put into action, and I hope you can get a sense of what I’m actually even talking about, and not skipping bits, because Every bit is important. Good luck if you do start to work on it!



Interesting idea! Unfortunately it doesn’t really suit the Support section, I’ll move it to Server Suggestions instead.


I can agree to this but I’m not in charge of stuff around here. So whatever.


You do know that there’s 1000+ applications to be send back for rejection (and that’s just for the good ones that haven’t been processed yet). It’s a total waste of time and resource to implement, even when using human or machines to do so


Mineplex is managing to do it. I don’t see how writing a little sentence about what you did wrong is a waist of time, when actually reading the application itself takes longer.


theyre reading the applications anyways, it takes 2 seconds to copy and paste