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Lmao is appropriate word? And a question


I thought “wtf” and “lmao” weren’t allowed. How is lmao allowed? And how is wtf allowed?


Are you referring on the forums?


It used to be allowed. Second is allowed still.


Yes and is wtf allowed on discord?


First, abbreviations are allowed on the forums if they’re not being used to insult someone or excessively. As it’s a forum-specific rule, abbreviations are still subject to the rules of other platforms. I’ll check what Discord’s policy is right now.


Because to me wtf means what the fart and idk what it really means so really is it allowed on discord or ingame?


On my profile i have a discord invite link, it thst okay to put it on websites? @Penguin


Well yeah


No, I don’t believe we allow that sort of advertising here. On Discord I don’t believe we permit abbreviations, might go for in-game as well. I’ll check.


You can advertise in your profile.

If you can have YouTube, there shouldn’t be a reason why you can’t have your discord


Yeah that’s something we should probably discuss internally, I’ll bring it up.