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Lifeboat's Latest Changes


Hey everyone!

I’ve made this quick video to show what changes have happened during today’s major update! There is a lot more to come soon, but this video covers the basics of what players will need to know. If you find any bugs then please report them to your nearest Beta Tester!

Servers are under maintenance!

Nice video! Lifeboat is good! BestBest feature ever,


Not a fan of the new lobby though. Preferred the tropical one :wink:


The lobby is good. I appreciate the devs cuz why not? Anyways, I love how lbsg improved just as I imagined. Also, it’s fine @NoobierAdam

U may not like it but that’s okay :slight_smile: lifeboat is more like Smartboat


You’re not happy about the fact that YOU TRANSFER BETWEEN THE GAME MODES INSTANTLY

In all seriousness this is a major improvement. Funny that there was a topic made by mittu talking about how slow it is to transfer between the different minigames, and then this update drops out of no where. Everything feels so much cleaner and more efficient now.

There are still many problems with the server but I feel like they’re heading in the right direction. Hopefully they continue like this.


NoobierAdam got rekt by ohrangee567


yep, UR right.


i swear any video a volunteer makes somehow gets a little bit of volunteer biasedness, since they can’t really even say anything bad anyway


Just something I noticed about what you said at 2:39, I’m pretty sure cubecraft does something similar since they don’t show the loading screen when you connect between servers either. I might be wrong please correct me.


wow! lifeboat have changed a lot. i’m gonna cry for being absent during those changes.


What I mean is the speed and responsiveness. Almost every ‘network’ on Bedrock Edition uses this method. But Lifeboat’s is far much more faster than our competitors


I like how you can transfer to another server instantly.


For me cubecrafts is just as fast, but both are definitely 1-2 seconds faster then the rest. Either way lifeboat did a great job


No I definitely love how you can transfer to other servers quickly. Just don’t like the map


I was kidding lol, I just really wanted to emphasize HOW FAST IT IS NOW.


Lol I’m so dumb


It is even worse when I checked, I now got even worse lag


Currently some problems with lag I believe, should be fixed soon since it probably tagged along with the update.