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Lifeboat, you need to stop going forward and take a step back. | The Resurrection of Hot Rock


Back on topic. No need for arguments, if you don’t have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself :slight_smile:

Also, I can say that I enjoyed Hot Rock as well. It used to be in my top 3.


ya nga…
share mo lang.


Why does adventure mode exist now.


Adventure mode is potato

  • Adventure mode is TERRIBLE

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Answer the poll, when you’re done, ping me.


i guess @Bumblebee


Good, I hope Lifeboat is removing it soon.


That is cool and all but this topic isn’t about Adventure Mode, however, I will be making a topic about it soon. But for now, let’s stay on subject.


This topic is about stopping the game modes with bad player counts and taking time to try new game modes that had been removed.


Glad to hear it!


4 day revival.


Is your Adv mode thing comin soon.


How many times will you keep doing this?


As I said, until I get an answer, I don’t care how long this takes.


Even if it takes months?
Also the devs get annoyed by this kind of stuff…


It gets more frustrating for the players if no answer is given. If players get frustrated, more likely they will give a feedback about the customer service being unhelpful thus resulting an unpleasant result.


You forgot about this topic again lel
alright this time is the last time I’ll do this next time if it dies again it’s staying dead


No, I left it alone intentionally. I was going to revive it a couple days back, but felt like it was a waste of time as the devs might not answer.


Yea sure!

Happy Annivthday