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Lifeboat, you need to stop going forward and take a step back. | The Resurrection of Hot Rock


bumps hoping for answers to the feedback


:Kibbles agrees with Awsome_Legz:


They should start fixing all the bugs and the anticheat first, THEN this


I mean it doesn’t NEED to return, but it would be great if it did


:Kibbles misspells “awesome” again:


:Kibbles don’t care:


Going by that logic, ctf 30v30 didn’t need to return, am I correct?


30v30 being removed ruined CTF and was very requesting, so it kinda had to. However, bring back hotrock was not suggested as much.


That is a terrible game mode…


No no no! Not hot rock! Bring back spleef!


Seriously where are the devs at? They need to check up on the suggestions.





In a few hours it will say 3 days since the last reply, so I’ll just revive it now.

We’re just being ignored at this point…


I think Prison should be kept. I bet there are about 500 players on prison now, but since there is a time limit, there is only 100-200 at a time.


The only problem of prison is that have a limit to play when you reach mine z, there is only a annoying pvp mine and glitchy plots


Live topic live (@Killian did you just forget to revive this topic or did you just not want to right now)


Hotrock was a very enjoyable gamemode


I do agree HotRock should return but with some changes to make it more enjoyable.




At least a crew member agrees!