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Lifeboat, you need to limit speed bridging, here are some suggestions and my thoughts


It’s possible with non split as well, but it’s difficult compared to what a pc player can do because of the limitations of touch screen controls.


I just learned how to jump bridge after reading this…


True, but note that the game is called Minecraft Pocket Edition, meaning most players are on mobile. Due to this, more creators have been creating Android only accessible items. Like 3d skins, or 4d. I’ve been trying for the past month to get one for my computer, but all the tutorials are designed for Android. Plus, when I wanted to get a cape, it took me very long until I found a way of getting one that actually works out of all other ones which didn’t work, or were for Android

sticky keys isn’t a solution to that, it’s more of a problem to it. When someone spams sneak, the sticky keys option will appear, disturbing gameplay. And some on computer have no idea of what it means or what to do.


Again, you’re neglecting what I said. I said the only moderators i knew.
I joined the CTF community shortly after school began


This can be disabled

I Wasn’t opposing your statement


He didn’t say you were opposing his statement, just that you completely ignored/neglected what he said about Zolpha being the only mod he saw.


Speed Bridge building is perfectly ligal…
There is absolutely nothing wrong with that…
I say Bridge On!!


I wasn’t neglecting either lol


Alright, well, what you said was completely irrelevant to what he was saying, I think that is what he meant by the neglecting he was talking about.


Stop playing Hallow Knight for a while and try to analyze further?


Was just Stating I played too, I think, I’ve misread the post and didn’t read the “I’ve Seen” Thought It was one of those "[gamemode] needs more mods on it Posts/replies


It is hard to speed bridge because sometime you have a small lag soo…
Also thing is our head sometimes turns up or where ever it went you juse fall off.


Apologies if you felt like I have demeaned you. I see you’re not trying to counter or oppose my statement, you’re just trying to provide solutions to the things I first posted.


This explains why I can’t speed bridge, I thought it was just my Minecraft that made me look away, but it’s for everyone! :fearful:


@Zeekiel Well ur using split controls