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Lifeboat, you need to limit speed bridging, here are some suggestions and my thoughts


It’s completely unfair. It was NEVER like this back then. You have people on CTF who are literally building bridges and sprinting at the same time, how is that not advantageous over the ‘Pocket’ players? This is advantageous because the people with mobile have an annoying update (yes, I did do some research about this on the mojang website) where if you tap too fast, your camera forcefully looks down in almost an instant. It has been a problem since 1.2 and Mojang says they will try and fix it during the next huge update. But these people, they are able to literally go through the game in almost an instant. It gives you no time to defend, at all. What is really annoying mainly is that during ctf, almost every server has communities, people go there everyday. And because of the wretched witch named Microsoft, there are now low amounts of players, meaning only couple of the many servers are active. What I am saying is, the speed bridging happens, and you can’t really escape to another server to get away from it.

What Lifeboat should do is:

-Limit speed builders and how fast they bridge.
-Or an even better suggestion, give us a grace period of a few minutes. CYB promised he would add this last year, what happened?

CTF is pot now because of Microsoft, smh. It used to be so much fun, and now, it is just a few servers that are active, and it is literally corrupted with windows 10 advantages, errors that lifeboat needs to fix (especially that little area on Davy Jones where you can dig behind your team’s flag room and get the flag), and much more.


I’d like to say a couple thing about speed bridging. . .
While it’s impossible (?) On Java edition, where EVERYBODY is on a computer, Minecraft Bedrock Edition’s system if placing blocks is much different from the Java edition, enabling speed bridging.
Also, note that ALL platforms can speed bridge, just a bit harder on Xbox and a lot harder on mobile, depending on tap speed and screen size.
Now I see much people complain about it in game, (especially the defenders) saying it’s unfair.
Technically. . . It isn’t.
Microsoft owns Minecraft as of 2012 and Minecraft Java is still under heavy influence of the Mojang company, the original company that created Minecraft. While Minecraft Bedrock is just the part where you see the Microsoft stuff.
Microsoft witches ehhh?
More of like devil’s
These greedy team of software developers just turned a fun nice kids’ game into a whole gambling arena of the highest bidders, willing to pay money for packs and skins which can easily be prirated with today’s technology.
Now, now, I feel like mobile players (especially Android ones!) Have the better advantage. Why? Their sneak action is a tap action, meaning that you can sneak and unsneak with two simple taps. No stress in that compared to Windows 10 players, that have to press shift and hold, breaking their pinky.
Cuz of the stress, imma give my pinky a pie. And what brings out the Android thing is ES file explorer. Nothing to do with Minecraft probably, unless it’s the only platform where you can get capes, 3d skins, and much more by messing with your files.
Anyways, onto the main topic, jumpbridging
Strange but as a Windows 10 player, jump bridging is annoying to me. Before I learned it, it was worse.
There is nothing Lifeboat can really do about it, just an anonymous advantage given to try and drive more people to buying PC’s and xbox’s (both Microsoft products)
The situation with CTF is not Microsoft’s fault, but the fault of the lifeboat developer team. Because of the removal of kits, most people have moved on to mineplex or hive, wishing to get a better game play there, and also hoping that superiors and authorites would actually listen to their suggestions and consider it, making greater possibilities.
Also, way too much drama on CTF
Way too much. Haters and abusers and more.
I’ve had two incidents involving racism, 7 involving spamming, and 2 involving hacking. I believe all this is of lifeboat’s errs and ignorance too fix what is going on. The only moderator I know who used to come on CTF to moderate was xZolpha, and he’s a YouTube streamer, focusing on his stream quality and live chat.a bit more than moderating the server. On ctf13 mainly, there are many people disregarded as enemies and fight each other when the time arises.
If you would like some samples, request some In your reply and I will DM you

About speed bridgers tho, there is nothing you or Microsoft can really do about it, I mean, wider screen + keyboard and mouse controls makes it superior to mobile devices, and I believe the best you can do to could terrible this is to either buy a controller suitable for your mobile device, or consider changing your device.


Blame jitterclick :frowning: Might also be bannable autoclickers.

Wait so that’s the reason???

A few minutes is too long. Perhaps 5 minutes before shut-off


I don’t see how three minutes is really that long. You gotta remember, there is more than just defending that comes into play here.


As soon as I saw the title I thought this was some noob and I was just about to laugh and it and go “HEY EVERYONE! WE GOT ANOTHER SALTY BOI!” and then i read and i actually agree with these points…

it doesn’t take 7 months to make a grace period, and with what CYB is working on rn, I’m really disappointed that he’s doing that instead of making the grace period as he promised


Yes, you don’t need to worry about me complaining, I try to help this server as much as I can. I mean, do help the other ones, such as Brlns, but I want this one especially to receive my help, my criticism.


Maybe but it’s is unfair too because when I ever speed bridge by tapping at my maximum speed and sprinting at same time then I quickly fall off.


Not to mention the fact that i’m an Xbox player and sometimes the block do not recognise me building then once I start crossing the bridge, it all goes downhill from there and I fall into the abyss.


if they’re going to continue to allow speed bridging they might as well give everyone bridge builders so at least mobile players can compete.


Then we have no choice but to revolt again. That’s how we got 30v30.


i meant secondss…


It is posible to speed bridge on pocket edition.
I’ve done it. It’s a bunch of fun. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, but it is harder to do it on pocket because of an update that hasn’t been fixed. A grace period would allow that to happen, but give people time to defend, and not have the windows 10 players come and go quickly.


Not really, you need to turn on split controls and you’re all set!

I’ll give you footage.


This happened for a few weeks back in uhh Julyish where if you placed down blocks too quickly they would disappear, quit ctf because of that lol.
Among other reasons.


Yes really, if you tap for over 4 times per second (4/s), then your screen will look down, of course it does work if this wasn’t a problem. Not to mention, how would you build to the other side if there is a wall under, you would be building on that wall, and using the wall that you built on that wall to connect to your bridge.




And I never said it was impossible, I am just wondering how you would do it the other way around with the other wall, how the heck do windows 10 players do that?


Fast click. In fact I’d say pocket edition players have an advantage. That’s just me though. I’ve never played PC or Consle.


Windows 10 can do all that obv. Only an Advantage to iOS and Console.

Sticky Keys

I did too Until Late July when I quit but Im back again, well when Im done with Hollow Knight I’ll be playing more again