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I have noticed there are a lot of players who question the role of volunteers, and even certain player roles. So many, that I feel that making a quick thread about it, will hopefully improve how players will react towards volunteers, and staff members, and even players, as well as know the differences. Below is all the roles on Lifeboat, listed from highest to lowest (permissions wise).

[Owner] - The official owner of Lifeboat Network / Hydreon corporation. The only user with this role currently is “Hydreon”, also known as Rein Teder. He can be found every few days on the server, testing the Kim chatbot.

[Dev] - An official developer within the Lifeboat Network, they create the minigames and awesome cosmetics for the server, as well as a lot of work in the back-end fixing bugs, adding new features and more! This is a paid position within the Lifeboat Network.

[Staff] - An official member of staff within the Lifeboat Network, anyone with a staff role has a paid position within the server, and helps play a key role. This could be coordinators, content producers, or administrators.

[Mod] - The red moderator tag means that the user is a Sr. Moderator. They have been on the server for longer than a year. Sr. moderators don’t receive any extra commands or permissions than they had as a moderator.

[Mod] - Anyone with this tag represents the Lifeboat Network as a volunteer moderator. They help to make sure players follow the servers guidelines, and punish players who break them. They can usually be found across the network, and you can even apply to become one if you think you’re up to it!

[Beta] - A Beta Tester plays a key importance within the server, helping to identify bugs or exploits, and report them to the development team. If you ever find a bug within the network, then just mention anyone with this tag, and they will try to replicate it and report it for you!

[Crew] - Crew members are another important role within the team, consisting of translators, skin designers, artists and even moderators in training. While this role doesn’t have any extra permissions, anyone with this role helps with their own individual tasks, and helps show than anyone with this tag is an official volunteer for the network.

[Map] - This tag is specifically for members of the official Lifeboat Build Team. They help to build maps for the server as well as the Minecraft marketplace.They do not receive any special commands or permissions, but they have a cool tag!

[YouTube] - A player who is recognised as a YouTuber on the network. They don’t receive any extra commands or permissions currently. To apply for this tag you must have 2,000 or more subscribers on your YouTube channel, as well as at least 5 videos containing Lifeboat content.

[VIP] Anyone with this tag has helped to support the server. They also get access to exclusive cosmetics within the server, such as particles, vehicles and even mounts! There are three kinds of VIP, lifetime on Survival Games, Prison Pass on Prisons, and UberVIP for every other gamemode including Prison and Survival Games.

Note: UberVIP’s can also have the tags [GOAT], or [MVP].

[Discord] - Anyone that is seen around the server with this role is part of our official Discord server (https://lbsg.net/discord) and recieve a cool tag, as well as Discord particles! Pretty cool if you ask me, and who is gonna knock free particles and a tag!

“Hazard DutchAD” (Players) - The standard role for guests and players within the network, they are what make the server extra special and fun. They don’t have a tag, although each one plays a key importance within the network.

Hopefully this helps you all to understand the roles that everyone plays within the network, and if you ever want to contribute even more, you can become an official volunteer at https://lbsg.net/volunteer-positions!



Is this from Discord?



Nope, just made it now.
Although adding all the colours etc was a killer for my hand XD



Maybe things have changed since I left, but I remember there not being a set time requirement to receive this rank. They also did have the extra ability to ban and mute for longer than a typical moderator…

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While this is true, Sr Moderators don’t have many more permissions nowadays. example they don’t handle reports anymore.



This is a good thread. Hope it helps inform people on the roles here!



haha lol i had no idea the owner tag was for the owner



Interesting topic



They did change it, any mod that’s been an in-game mod (specifically, experience in other roles doesn’t count) for a year consecutively gets granted Sr. Mod.



Wow y’all lucky



Wow If I stayed for like an extra week or 2 I would’ve gotten it eeeeeee
Was a mod for like 1 year and 3 months



Sr mod is pretty useless now. Ony the OGs remember the old [SR.MOD] tag



Where’s VIP+?

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VIP+ was replaced with UberVIP’s [MVP] and [GOAT] tags. (As far as I am aware.)
Admins feel free to edit the post if I am mistaken.



Tbh staff and above are very over powered. They have op and access to the admin panel



Anyone with the [Staff] role has access to these systems, although they have access to it because they require it as part of their roles. For example a translation coordinator setting a player as [Crew] because they have shown a large amount of contribution to the translation project.



Very helpful!

I have one question: If I bought my UberVIP status back in 2015 how does it react to the new terms and rules of the server now? Do I have to pay again for the subscription?




That’s a bit strange because I bought my UberVIP pack/subscription back in 2015 and I really don’t know how this works now…



The UberVIP in 2015 was a one time payment, which gave VIP to most gamemodes at that time. You’ll have gamemode-specific VIP perks for the main ones now I believe.

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I guess they are finally beginning to make changes, it only took a few days of an entire revolution that involved many former volunteers and some private conversation sharing between two opposing sides :disappointed:

Nonetheless I am still happy (sort of).