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Lifeboat read this now!


. . . . .
The community you want back, or only the gamemode?
my gameplay on Lifeboat is decreasing cuz of the Ctf community


Welll bye bh, I guess I’ll never get an open world pvp zone again on lb :(. When I played lifeboat I was on phone so pvp was hard after they removed bh I got a PC


hmmmmm movie time


lol wow and i got blue tooth keyboard and mouse


Sadly, no. I never liked that gamemode because it had more negative points than positives one’s.


I only stopped duplicating because Popz promised something before he was demoted…


I don’t wanna talk about PopzQ. But, I’m not only referring to you, many people use to do it, even the legit one’s.


Eh. I will admit it did have it’s negatives… But tbh if you learned the weakness then it’ll seem fair play. Lol.


To kill a full diamond armor it took a compass, diamond sword, golden apple, or fist to do more damage to the armor. Also skills of pvp required.


Seriously? Who flagged this? Where’s your sense of humour? Why are you so sensitive? Whoever flagged this only proved my point I made with Tom’s post.


I’m surprised that got flagged and not this: