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Lifeboat read this now!


Off topic but is he still around and is he still a dev? He was a cool guy, I miss how he actually interacted with the community on a regular basis for a while.

I do remember him saying he was 17 a year ago or something so he’s probably off to University

Talking about @CraftYourBukkit btw



Soooooooo… can we end this please?
Everyone go to sleep/take a nap. It’s nap time. :joy:


I think? He’s still in the Slack so I don’t think he quit.


Well, it really wasn’t a fight, more of a discussion.


What a coincidence that you mentioned him, it’s his 3 year anniversary here.


As you can see after the criticism stuff, they said they were gonna improve on their stuff. ANd tbh I’ve seen some improvements.


Sorry, I am just relying on information I’ve seen. Just joined the forums a few days ago so I am trying my hardest to catch up on everything.


I understand that, but don’t get involved in a debate if you don’t have the full information about what you’re debating about.


I hear you, apologies. I’ll learn from that mistake. :slight_smile:


It’s ok. At least it wasn’t a for real serious drama topic. :wink:


And if you don’t, you will be executed. :syringe:


:joy: Did you even hire one? Killy Billy is so brutal.


Can’t say I didn’t :wink:


Woah! Too much, let’s not do that.


I had to beat up MEE6, dude, I think I killed him.


Stay on topic guys.


Penguin, we are off topic.


Lol, what a coincidence, we typed the same thing at the same second.


Okay but seriously.