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Lifeboat read this now!


What I am saying is there needs to be more people in charge of Quality Assurance, Beta testers are Beta testers but as Neon stated, they aren’t always accurate.


Currently, I haven’t heard anything on BH coming back. : (


Lifeboat is improving. Their social media team is doing a good job, Serenity and Pengiun recently allowed us to make suggestions in order to improve the forums - I don’t get what you mean by “communication lacks”

Easier to complain, but harder to actually make change.


Ehhh. I’m getting a bit irritated…


Err, you do realize the Server Suggestions category has been here ever since we used this discourse forums, which was June 14th, 2016, nearly 3 years now? And by communication lacks, I mean communication lacks between the developers and the players, the mods are mods, they obviously don’t know as much as the developers do on what happens behind the scenes, it would be great if we got a word from them.

Talking to the community isn’t hard, they have a Twitter, and on top of that, a discord server.


Hm, perhaps. If I recall a load of the developers are Russian and don’t actually speak English so it would of course make things more difficult. Dishrex is sometimes on here from what I’ve seen and has listened to suggestions. But the communication is improving, the suggestions category doesn’t seem to be getting neglected too much.

I just think you guys need to cool and not bash on Lifeboat so much. I’m not trying to defend Lifeboat, I do think they have their faults but come on.


Where did you get the idea that most of the developers were Russian? Every one of them that we talked to are English speakers :joy:

And just to be clear, we aren’t bashing anyone, we are just trying to give constructive criticism.


That would be the omsk team, correct?


See my other reply


Oh, well in that case, lol.


Yes, I believe the Omsk team is Russian.


Well Rein said most of them were Russian…


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Omsk is in Russia so I probably didn’t need to ask lol


No. Lol. The developer were.


Oh, but can you imagine CYB hacking the election lol.


Yeah it’s right there in the name…


He’s not on the Omsk team, I believe he’s German.


Not necessarily referring to what is going down here, but just in general. Too much drama is created. Again, I do think Lifeboat has their faults.


I was going to say a joke about that but then I remembered this is a Minecraft forum :joy: