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Lifeboat read this now!


The same way scientists discover and create new things; accidents. :wink:


Wow your awesome


Moderators can’t be mad at me. I did tell them exactly quoted, “The more glitches you fix, the more glitches you create so you might as well give up fixing these.”


For now, developers are trying their best to improve the sever, I believe they are currently paying more attention on CaptureTheFlag…

About Bounty Hunter, I don’t think bringing it back would be a really good idea as we brought enchanting back a few weeks or a month ago, and then again re-opening it, might cause problems. In my perspective, Bounty hunter was a belligerent gamemode or in other words: it was very destructive, people with diamond armor use to kill new players presistently and that gamemode had numerous blatant cheaters and glicth abusers. They abuse every single bug/glitch and turn it into an unfair advantage, like duplicating things and some other stuff… Developers tried to fix things, but it pretty much got worse…


If you haven’t noticed, that message has already been deleted due to rereading what he has said. Also the message was referring to the fact that because it was deleted, players lost interest in playing lbsg.


I do apologise, I wrote that before it got deleted.


But it’s still a cause and effect thing; because bh was deleted, players decided to leave.
So how did you manage to come up with that?


It was deleted on the basis of low player counts.


But I thought you said it was deleted because of the bugs.


No, I was speaking against the idea of Re-Opening Bounty Hunter.


Oh ok.


Bugs was a contributing factor I believe.


I still want Bounty Hunter back. :joy:
(No matter how I read it, something still doesn’t make sense…)


did you say please


What?? I will do no such thing…


Once again, there is an obvious lack of communication with the community. You can’t expect those bugs to just go away and you can’t expect to know all of them either. That’s the problem, you guys ditch your problems rather than try to fix them, you guys haven’t even told us exactly why BH was removed, heck, you guys haven’t even told us about CTF. There needs to be more developers on here, the community is going mad because we haven’t had a direct answer to any of these problems. If only Lifeboat could just find all of their bugs by themselves and fix it magically, right? :man_shrugging:


That’s what the Betas are for, they find bugs and report them. I do agree with have a communication issue, the main people that answer your questions are the forum moderation team and most of the time we don’t know all that much. Wonder if Serenity has more to say about this though.


It was removed due to the low player count I believe.

I asked for an admin to comment on the situation and it looks like Original will be added back if you haven’t looked yet. As for 30v30, no update so far.

I’ve mentioned on another post that there will possibly be a page dedicated to bugs and what has been fixed. Not sure if it’s official but hopefully it’ll be helpful to you guys.


Beta report bugs/glitches to developers, now well it’s up-to them, when will it be fixed… It would probably take time, as you can’t expect them to fix rapidly… Improvements were made, but they aren’t accurate.


@NeonVampire64, @Penguin, @Serenity. There’s a chance BH is coming back right?