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Lifeboat read this now!


You want your players back and want to get 1st again, we’ll ill tell you how to do it, bring back bh doesn’t matter about the bugs just bring it back and urlll see players coming then bring plots back in sm, then you’ll be way better than all other server and we will be back up and the best again… in being serious tho bring Thales game modes back


Sounds like a good idea however I doubt it will ever happen. Personally I believe if they add BH back it will be another bunch of servers Lifeboat is going to have to pay for on a monthly basis, I’m sure it’s too much. I also believe they removed it because there was a huge drop in player count, and just because a few angry players want it back isn’t going to make it happen. Too many empty slots and not enough people playing it.


Arcade isn’t successful, why isn’t that being removed? Zombie apocalypse isn’t successful why isn’t it being removed either?


Bh was more successful then them


The main reason mb list it’s players was because of sm plots being removef


That’s one example. Now I can’t actually speak on behalf of Lifeboat because, well, I don’t work for them but I can get an idea why they removed it. BH was very successful years ago but then it just went downhill. Duplication was becoming a massive issue and too many players were leaving, what’s the point of trying to fix one problem when only another one is to come back?

Zombie Apocalypse can be both popular and unpopular depending on what day and what time. I’ve seen over 300 players on zombie apocalypse a few times and there seems to be no bugs from my experience. Though I may be wrong about that one.

Arcade mode was made to bring back old game modes. Now I’m not too sure about this one but many players were hyped about this when it first came out, but now it is dying down just like BH was. Because this is still a newly introduced game mode they may give it more time as that is what they usually do with others.


This makes absolutely no sense. Many players kept complaining about how many bugs were in BH, or even in any game mode. That is what caused a huge decline in players, therefore if Lifeboat was to add BH again with the bugs still there that just means more complaints will be made.

Your points are invalid. Sadly, as much as I wish the game mode would come back, it won’t. It would be appreciated if an administrator/developer could provide an explanation about why it was removed and what the issues are.


Nothing is this simple unfortunately. I highly doubt adding bh back would get more players playing, but maybe adding plots to sm will help.


Personally I think putting BH to rest was a good decision. Like it’s been said above there were so many bugs and even after bugs had been fixed new ones kept popping up. I know this because I spent hours trying to find the bugs, especially the duplication bugs, so I could report them. I wouldn’t mind seeing BH come back, but if it had all of the bugs like it did before I know I wouldn’t play it.

I would love to see plots come back to sm, that was one of the first game modes I played on Lifeboat, and I could see that bringing some old players back. We will all just have to wait and see what happens.


Then if the plot’s come back think of how players who want to kill like you would feel to notice you can,t hit anyone because your on their plot and they can hit you but you can,t hahahahahaha​:joy::joy::joy:
I would love them to bring back the plots but also add new servers now and then


Don’t forget hackers not me how ever on that server


@ItzBornKillerXi I think they might bring back the plots but still :joy:


Lol. If I was a beta tester, those bugs would be easily gone considering I was also the one abusing every single one of them… :joy:

Enchanting, duplicating, free vip, etc.


I think the problem about plots was that they were just causing too much of a hassle for both Lifeboat and players. Too many complaints about them being pay-to-win and the constant bugs that evolved around plots may have been what caused the developers to remove them entirely.


Well rip plots then just back to normal survival although I know I had a pizzaria that was griffe on


While it was my plot


The first enchanting tactic we used was spectating to get all the items such as bedrock, diamonds, deadbush, lapis, etc. It was like being in Creative Mode. You could basically get anything you want. We used bookshelves to make the enchantment stronger. This was then patched up in I believe 2015 or 2016. 2015 is when it was found.

The second enchanting technique required duplicating. Basically we had to find the items this time. We found Lapis Lazuli and Diamonds in I think the map was called “Alaskan Village.”
The Lapis Lazuli was in 1 of the homes hiding behind 3 stone blocks. We found the Diamonds located inside the cave. To duplicate them we had to die, let our friends pick up the items so they don’t despawn, press main menu to trick the console into thinking we left, and we came back and typed y as to giving the console permission to get our items back.
Though this trick only worked for ranked players like VIP, GOAT, and MVP. This was found in 2016 and was later patched in 2017.

The third duplicating tactic required the lobby’s shop. This trick was exposed and ratted out because 1 of the mods made a deal with 1 of my friends… This mod was Fishy255.
This duplication required buying food at the shop in the lobby and basically just spamming the item with the food. This one is difficult to explain. But it was found in 2017 and was later patched in 2017.

The last and final glitch that was around was no longer able to carry diamonds or Lapis but we were still able to duplicate the armor. :sunglasses: Lol. As vip’s we had to have the armor on, go to cosmetic, go to toys, put the armor in our inventory to put in the lobby’s chest, leave the toys and cosmetics, and it was basically tricking the console into thinking your inventory was cleared, so it restores your armor and everything else you had. When bh was deleted, this glitch ended up being deleted along with it.

This is all the info I will let you guys know about and also this will probably be the only glitch I will inform you about unless you would like to know about the other ones. Feel free to ask me questions in dm if you have any. Lol.

The duplicating glitch is the longest to ever last in Bounty Hunter.
It now remains a legend.


Wow how did you do that ???:fearful:


How did I do what?
Find all these?


Yeah how did you find them?