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Lifeboat pls help my stuff keeps deleting I did press save but few times does not


Hello lifeboat today I’m having a sad day I lost my diamond armor everything I left the game but I had 5 heart left when I left then joined back its gone I didn’t die also on my other survival the game randomly deleted my stuff I didn’t die or somone try to kill me what is this I worked so hard for nothing I wanted to be powerful in the trying to pvp but why did it deleted my data, Iron is like hard to find now meaning many caves are empty and server restart is annoying everytime somone kills me and takes my stuff I revenge them but server restarts then they gone can you fix this! like adding in “survival mode book” and if you open it should say world’s saved pls I hate when games tey deleting my stuff and why do trees not decade I mean many servers are empty or tree wood can you pls make the tree genrate when the server restart also sometimes when I set spawn and left the game it didn’t even save pls fix the bug where the chat ways spawn point saves but it does not pls your games are great but lot of bugs thanks alot of talk.

(Sorry if bad grammer I tried) Minecraft username: mittu47


I actually would like it if reset did not reset your inventory, but I don’t play survival mode much.


Kinda support.


Thats normal in survival gamemode, you need to get a diamond equipment again :confused:


Hello BirdyGamerXD, No when I joined back I still had diamond armor on cause it didn’t reset but now few days later it’s gone for no reason pls tell me what I’m missing I hate it when I have to find iron then diamonds it takes me 1 hour to get and then it reset why would I get diamond gear it took me 1 hr because iron is hard to find cuz the game is filled with trash buildings or caves I’m not risking it If the Admin fix it


So u lose your diamonds while playing or logging?


Yes when I logged in I lost everything I didn’t die nothing I left at my own mine no one with me but when I log my inventory reset so did my spawn that’s why I hate lifeboat survival I play mineplex survival its much better why can’t or stuff not reset or our spawn but reset the world.


Sometimes survival resets, also mineplex survival is great but i keep glitching while deleting plots, tbh there is no perfect survival mode in minecraft bedrock


Yes there is.


Yea, im just trying to not advertise servers xd


Normal MC survival. Lel.


The closest to Java Edition xD


U can ask your friends to help you get diamond armour back


And what if he has not friends as me? :v survival players are sometimes troll when tpa for free diamonds xd


Then he can make a super secret base and hide back-up gear in it


I don’t play with friends I quit lifeboat and I play something else.


I can’t when my item reset it also deletes my spawn so don’t tell me to search it it’s impossible.


It would have been perfect is survival didn’t reset your inventory and your spawn won’t delete but when world reset why not destroy your house and stuff?
I spended month surviving and I’m getitng my stuff deleted.


How would I know of you play on Lifeboat or not? It is impossible to find bases,you say? Then you’re wrong. It is actually very easy to find your base.


This happens to me all the time. When the server restarts, I lose all my stuff and even my spawnpoint. (The server doesn’t reset, it only restarts)