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Lifeboat, please upgrade this system


So on servers like, Mineplex and some others have cool system and when enter a game, it just fast loads up. We need this!

And on mineplex when u enter game like for exmaple, when I walk into a skywars minigame, it just makes a loading screen and the backround sound is like teleporting in nether but really is teleporting to a whatever server. I think lifeboat community will like this.



I think this is more based on ur connection, and isn’t something lifeboat can control. I could be wrong though, someone else should probably comment on this.


It might also be how they’re set up too, if they’re like Hive their hub servers transfer to a second game server for your game. If you /connection on Hive and in a game the server it returns you will be different, and when you hub again it may be another hub as well. Sometimes it’ll even tell you the game server you were about to join was full and try to find you another one. I’m not a dev so I’m just speculating here, but since on Lifeboat when you’re in a game it’s the same server as the lobby that difference might be causing the effect you’re experiencing. Just my thoughts, they may or may not be right.


well i totally understand what he means… switching servers on all the other servers is a hundred times faster… and is really nice tbh… but with how lifeboat is set up i doubt that can easily be changed


We had that same system in BrokenLens. How it works, it is teleports you to the nether without actually loading up the world, then it teleports you to the server instance.


Inpvp used to be the same for me, super fast to switch between servers, but for some reason it’s slow for me now. This is just my guess, but their decreased player count probably effected them financially and they probably had to cut back on a few things, maybe their servers was one of them.


This is a just a guess but are they using proxies? I know very little about how any of these things work but from what I read about what proxies are from my quick Wikipedia search, maybe thats what allows them to have a faster connection time.


Maybe? If you do /connection on Hive I think it says something about a proxy. I wouldn’t know anything about what Lifeboat uses though.

Edit: Hive does say something about it, if you’re interested it says this (I’m not a dev so I can’t tell you what it means or if it’s relevant).


But ik, it’s slow to transfer server so I think we need 100% instant teleport,


It’s probably more expensive or something, or it takes time to implement which is why lifeboat doesn’t have it. One of the devs would need to confirm this though.




Maybe do it on at least few server like maybe do some and rest not?

Or maybe have just survival games able to instant transfer to a server and others dont.


Steadfast doesn’t support fast transfer yet, mineplex uses a custom one based on the Bukkit API. Two different softwares


Any idea why inpvp no longer has it?


Cause lifeboat is bad


I wouldn’t call Lifeboat “bad”. The network has it’s faults and there are some things I do not necessarily agree with within the system, however that’s bound to happen in every server out there.