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Lifeboat Meet-Ups Official Announcement


Lifeboat Meet-Ups Official Announcement - 2018

Subjected to change at any time without notice.

Heyo! Caspian here! I’m so glad to announce that meet-ups will be back and better than ever! Meet-Ups will be hosted on the weekends!


Saturday: @4:30 PM EST

Servers will be announced via- twitter, discord, and forums!

Sunday: @11 AM EST

Servers will be announced via- twitter, discord, and forums!

Meet-Ups will consist of various challenges, events, prizes, and much more! If you have any ideas please make sure to reply to this thread, it’d help us out a ton!

If you have any questions concerning meet-ups here’s our meet-up crew, contact them at any time via-discord; If you haven’t already joined our discord join now! -> Lifeboat Discord

Meet-Up Managers
Cooper Caspian

Meet-Up Crew


Woo Ill be there!




Wait when will today’s meetup end?


FINALLY now I have something fun to do on Sundays!


I would come today.

If I wasn’t watching Infinity War then.




Can’t play on Saturday. :frowning:




Everyone once in a while in a meet up give away a few exclusive pets.


When I saw the notice on the discord group, I knew I wanted to join the forums. For Oregon time it would be 1:30pm. I"m confused though as to where the meetup is? Thank you so much for your time.


which server


Infinity War is so good omggg


No spoilers😂


Iron Man dies, Captain America arrested


Fake news