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Lifeboat Localization: new changes!


thanks fimio!!!


i would apply to become a translation cordinator. . …
But my language is unknown to the general public . … … .
My people are least common of Minecraft players you can ever find


Why not u try? I asked for Hindi, and I got it!


What language is it?


. . . . .
o wait
i dont know the language


Then why did u…


oh my family speaks Yoruba and I can somewhat understand it




Wait can you do something about the colors and graphic of the forum website ?


Last time it had hit of purple in it


Like the bubble that has picture of our profile it has green color ring round it but last time it was purple


@morrisgamekidwalker it’s not really related to this topic, if you’re curious please make a new topic about it.

To answer your question, yes we can change certain aspects via themes. We’re working on a few new ones right now, keep an eye for more details in the future.


OK then


We now also published our project with non-game files!

It’s now time to also translate Lifeboat’s website!

Link: https://crowdin.com/project/lifeboat-non-game

Important: You might see some languages that are already translated. On these languages, your task would be to vote on translations and, if possible, to make better suggestions.

Thank you for making Lifeboat a better place for players in your country. We really salute your help!


I’m on the website I press all the plus signs but how do I vote?


If there is already a translation, there should be + and - buttons.



It wants me to change it but I don’t want to change something that already done


But I think I mess up one of them


Oh, your on mobile… scroll down to the translation then click on it. There should be options to up/down vote.