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Lifeboat Localization: new changes!


We will add more languages in the near future.


Korean is part translated already tho?
27% translated??.


Lol I like the changes


We just opened the Crowdin project for all of the languages we currently translate into!

No need to apply, if you want to become a translator!
We currently have German, Arabic, Bosnian, Chinese Simplified & Chinese traditional, Czech, Dutch, Flemish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese-Brazilian, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog & Thai as available languages.

Your language isn’t there? Shoot us an e-mail via translations@lbsg.net and we will consider adding it!

If you contribute a serious amount of translations, you might become an official crew member! We sometimes also give out Lifeboat in-game products to translators!

Join Crowdin via this link: https://crowdin.com/project/lifeboat.

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I apply for that



  • Wow!

AMAZING!!! :grin:


I’ve already started translating to spanish :smiley:


But I have a question, do you get any kind of rank if you translate a lot of files?


Don’t think so. I wouldn’t do it just for the rank though. But if you translate at a huge value, perhaps a crew rank.


To clear that up: If you do, really, really well and do a lot. You could be invited to our slack and become an official translator. Then you get the „Crew“ role in-game.


Wow this night I wont sleep xD


What would “a lot” mean? I try my best and I’m still learning the ends of French but I’m fluent as in “could speak to someone VERY WELL” in French. But not like know all French memes, slang, and other things that make English complicated.


Me neither! I’ve been trying to put in LOTS of time into translating in this.


A lot depends… It is quantity but also quality. I can look though what a lot is.


Ok thanks!!!


yes pls what do you mean by “a lot”


For my language (spanish) there are 4 pages, if I translated them all this week could that be considered as “a lot”?


I would say so! I’m actually finishing tRaNslating the full SMPRO for French RIGHT NOW.