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Lifeboat Localization: new changes!


Important: if you want to assist us with Portuguese-Brazilian, Tagalog, Polish or Turkish translation, your task is to vote and, if needed, to correct wrong strings. If you don’t know how this all works, read the tutorial above or shoot me a DM!


i speak one of the languages lol
with all 3 dialects
but no one cares


If you speak one of the languages, you can follow the instructions on the first post to join our Crowdin project!


does this involve in-game translation?


As a translator, you are going to translate in-game messages, such as announcements, floating texts and much more. You won’t translate messages sent by players.


Oh, well I don’t play lb anymore haha. But in the future I will come back and play.


Okay, thank you anyways!


Looking for French? I guess I am applying then.


You don’t have to apply! Just follow the instructions above.


How does this work?


How what work? If you want to assist us with translating one of the languages listed above, follow the steps listed above. :slight_smile:


hey u do russian
im decent with understanding the letters
considering where i am in the world


We’re currently not looking for Russian translators.


Crowding my :hearts:


R u luking 4 Korean?


Unfortunately, no.


K thanks


But Korean is on the list?


It isn’t.


When will you be looking for Ukrainian Translators @fimio?