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Lifeboat fourms Feedback


I’m sorry it is, why cant you have feature where u upload 3 images at a time? I have like 20 images of spammers and this will take me 40 min my device is not slow its fast. It takes me 10 seconds to set up 1 image since u need to go to drive, go to image, press uplaod. Plus I sometime out wrong images -_- will u please make it post 3 images at a time?



Also did the rules change? Dating is allowed now?



I changed the title so its a bit more appropriate :slight_smile:



No, dating is not allowed. Our policy on shipping is that as long as nothing’s inappropriate it’s fine, but if people start mentioning anything sexual it’s also punishable.

As for uploading images - your wifi probably has a bad upload speed, and being able to send more than one won’t make it any faster as it’ll just queue up or all be even slower anyways. Besides it’s not something we can implement anyway (that’s a Discourse thing).