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Lifeboat City


Since the removal of the housing and flats, and the idea being discontinued, I would like to make a suggestion to the build team @CyanPlayz. The suggestion is, to replace all the iron doors in the flats, so players can actually roleplay in them, as well as this, customising each flat differently, so there is a bit of design in each flat room.

The edits that could be made for the houses, could be to include furniture, and patch a few things from the original housing design, which includes some misplaced glowstone during the building process. The houses do need some furniture in them, and I feel this would be a great opportunity for the build team to include some and get creative. It would only be a side project, but it is also something that would make a rather big change to Lifeboat City.


You should ask them directly instead of here, unless you want opinions


To be honest, player opinions also matter as this is something that they will be using as part of their roleplay if modified. Which is why I thought it was better to make it as a suggestion on the forums, rather than the Slack.


Gg, @Hazard_DutchAD is now 1 of my favorite mods. Lol.


How do u ask them directly?


The staff and volunteer team have an internal communication system (Slack), though there’s no dedicated space for suggestions.


I am a fan of this suggestion. Writing it down.


Hopefully there will be some of these changes soon :smiley: :dab: