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Lifeboat city map in battle Royale


hello, battle Royale has been on the same map for a long time, and I started playing in a lifeboat city and I realized that the map of the city would be a good map for the real battle, since it is a map very big and it would be interesting
just imagine playing this map in battle Royale, and in the lobby the maps will be chosen by vote


No, Lifeboat city is too big. Think of another map. lol.


Occupy a complete map, the original battle Royale map measures the same.


Eh. How about like a ocean? :joy:


in fact the map of the battle Royale measures more but is not complete for the map’s ability


Sea creatures like String Rays can be the parkour part. :joy:


Eh I guess…


Anyway, the map can be cut, although it is not missing since in battle Royale there is a wall