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Lifeboat city bug


bikes no longer move and plz add bakery to all gas staions in lbc


Hello @Nightbroom35335! I’m sorry that bikes don’t seem to be working on Lifeboat City for some reason. You play on iOS correct? I will try to test this later tonight and will report it to the developers if I can recreate the bug. Thanks for letting us know!


it works now


i wish that there were bakerys in all gas staions in lbc


u know by the police office theres this gas staions


@morrisgamekidwalker please don’t reply to support topics. Thank you!


r yall planing on adding bakerys in all gas staions on lbc yall added a backpack buying at the school


You should make a new post about that and put it in the suggestions section. I don’t know what changes or additions they are planning on doing.


u look like a steve girl


man u r a really good friend