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Lifeboat, bring bounty hunter back!


Dude I’m serious, drop it. I’ll discuss it on Slack but you’re just interrupting someone’s topic here.


YOU might think they are valid reasons but unless LIFEBOAT says that’s why they removed it which they DIDN’T you can’t say that’s why it was removed. Lifeboat said why and it had nothing to do with the reasons you said.

“It isn’t necessary to stick to the reason of the network, if I tell my and some others perspective, I won’t get suspended or demoted for that.“

You actually might if it’s not the reason lifeboat directly gave the players especially if you are saying it as if it was the reason lifeboat gave.


anyone have chcieken here for me


I’ve already talked to Penguin and realized mistakes…

It’s not like that I don’t realize my mistakes and don’t apologize, I do…


suck my blood


I have heard that bounty hunter maybe coming back but it would be in the arcade server I think.


Keyword: Maybe


I like playing BountyHunter too! I play bh for so long but LB removed it


I haven’t heard this and we work in the same department but if they’re bringing it back would be really good for LB there apparently is a really high demand for this game to come back


I used to spend many hours playing BH. I wish LBSG brought it back… Pity…


Yeah, it was basically their fault for bringing in these new game modes, taking these core elements from BH into these game modes, and thus resulting in bounty hunter look like a knockoff, even though it was the original. It’s really sad that you guys gave up so easily on this, it was such a great game mode too. If you guys can’t talk to the community about bounty hunter, how could you expect it to improve? How could you even expect it to survive?