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Lifeboat, bring bounty hunter back!


Man I got some words for you, Lifeboat. Let’s discuss about bounty hunter, must we?

What happened? How did it happen? What went wrong? How did it go wrong? And most importantly, why did it go wrong? These are the many questions from the community we need an answer to. Bounty hunter was one of the original gamemodes here on Lifeboat, loved by many. There were many problems with the game that the community has addressed, but some of them, you didn’t even fix. It’s safe to assume you guys got rid of Bounty Hunter because of the lack of players. A wise orange axe once told me “One simply gets rid of their problems rather than try to fix their problems.” That’s exactly what you guys did, why didn’t you try to fix the game? Why didn’t you talk to the players that played the game about the problem, why didn’t you talk to the forums about the problem, heck, you could’ve talked to the discord about the problem. The extinction of bounty hunter has taken a negative toll on the community, especially older players that played here. You’re getting rid of SMPRO soon, why can’t you replace it with Bounty Hunter? It will be much more successful. Another reason why Bounty Hunter hasn’t been getting much attention recently is because, well, like my argument about the forums, it needs more advertisement. It needs to get noticed again, and people need to know it has improved. You added Fortnite in Minecraft, awesome! But, it feels as if it makes us look more guilty as to what we’ve done to Bounty Hunter :joy: Please, just bring it back.


I miss playing BH, I bought vip+ for BH. Now that I’m thinking about it, it was a waste of 10$


The game of bounty hunters can still be played in arcade mode, although it is certainly not the same as normal game, besides that phrase that reminds me of the already forgotten gamemode of lifeboat called fleet


What’s fleet?


‘fleet’ = term used to denote a collection of marine vessels.

Also, an old gamemode.


Bounty hunter was mainly removed because of cheaters, glitch abusers, enchanters and other things…

We got to believe that Bountry hunter wasn’t the safest gamemode, so we decided to remove it as legit players, can’t be able to play there as the cheaters (enchant abusers) use to kill them persistently and well, it does made many users to either cheat or just left completely, and we use to get so many reports regarding Bountry hunter. Or, players with diamond armor use to kill the new players, that gamemode was pretty much a destruction, if you ask me. And, we just got enchanting back in LifeBoat and thenI re-opening Bountry hunter, well I don’t think it will be a really good idea, and we know that we lost many players, because of its cessation.

About fixing problems: we did tried our best, but players did somehow found a way to duplicate things, which pretty much was the another down point of Bountry hunter.


I do not know who told you that information…I also do not remember ever being told that those were the reasons for BH being removed.

In fact, I believe these are the actual reasons for its removal:


No one ever told me, I’m telling my and other users experiences and views on Bountry hunter and it’s the truth, if you go and look at the reports of Bountry hunter.


As a volunteer, you should stick to and know the reasons provided by the Network, not just your own opinion or assumption based on what you and others have experienced; the reasons Lifeboat provides are the true reasons, and they are highly unlikely to remove a gamemode due to cheaters. Cheaters are everywhere and abuse features on every gamemode. The solution to that issue would be working on the anticheat.


@NeonVampire64 - he’s right, always verify with the team before giving an answer. You don’t want to spread misinformation. As a volunteer any personal statements may be taken as an official one on behalf of Lifeboat by players.

Return us original

It isn’t necessary to stick to the reason of the network, if I tell my and some others perspective, I won’t get suspended or demoted for that.

I didn’t only mentioned “cheaters” there were other things forbye them, and if talking about the cheaters, Bounty hunter had the majority of cheaters.


It isn’t “miss information” just a different “valid” reason.


You’re contradicting our official stance on the matter.


How so? I’m not “contradicting” I’m only stating up some others reason of its removal. That aren’t invalid or misleading.


Read that again. ↓

All right, I can address the rest then as well…

“We” as in the Network? If you are going to say “we”, then provide their reason.

They were actually taking efforts to deal with this.

The number of reports had nothing to do with the removal.

None of these were a main cause of the game being removed, and that is a fact.


I used to be a volunteer by the way.


Already did.

It unequivocally does had to do with the removal as seeing so many grumbles against that gamemode…

What makes you think, that weren’t the main reason? The whole gamemode was mainly going down because of these points…


I can tell, by the way you say things…


Neon, drop it. You’re hijacking the topic for this, please move to a DM.


Read this again ^