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Life marker in pvp



hello, I think it would be good to implement a life marker on the lifeboat server to know how much life your enemy has, this life marker will only appear in the pvp game modes (not in the lobby), and this aria life marker precensus in the following game modes

  • sky wars
  • survival games
  • bedwars
  • arcade (walls, one in the camera, eight balls, blitz and hot rock)
  • Battle Royale
  • planet x
  • survival mode
  • windy islands
  • prison (in pvp mine)
  • mumy valley
  • capture the flag
  • zombie apocalipse


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Most players are forgetting that Lifeboat isn’t a PvP server, nor is it trying to become one. We don’t need all these crazy PvP features in the server. Sure, it would be an advantage to PvP’ers, but it would also bring the wrong kind of attention / players to the server. I’m talking those with exceptionally bad language, swearing, inappropriate skins and those that think when they are warned, that it’s just a joke.


For LB

hoo ok I understand