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Let's write a terrible story


I’ll give you a terrible topic, and you make the best story you could out of it.

Round 1 topic: Big Chungus and Oh Yeah Yeah


What’s oh yeah yeah? Let’s ban it.


Its a really bad meme, what about it?


Write a story about it.

You know what this is a terrible topic. Free for all.


oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah


Instead of oh yeah yeah, this is better, My terrible story, .

Title: mittu47 farted out a diamond sword by sneaking multiple time. (Appropriate but not for schools)

Author: mittu47

Editors: averageryhme

There was a dumb time, there was a dumb bullying creeper named bittu47, mittu47 “thought is bittu47 a imposter? Who the heck is he?” averageryhme said "he’ll no, let me use the bathroom shower real quick so I can flood the bathroom,

10 days later… averageryhme is still flooding the bathroom and mittu47 was tired. He slept till 5 hours, then averageryhme finished flooding the bathroom, after getting ready for the morning, they went outside and find the imposter “bittu47” mittu47 found a clue on a ground said, “I’m coming for you averageryhme and mittu47” then me and my friend said "he’ll no let me flood your bathroom instead of getting hunted my imposter bittu47. Few minutes later, he saw a sign said “bittu47 broken toilet belly house room, do not enter otherwise u need to drink a a warm orange juice” me and my friend entered and saw bittu47 dabbing at his mom named “Daddymommy” and she was spanking a refrigerator because she used a iron so she could burn down a lifeboat forums page and call everyone fat, even though she called strong people fat, even if they are not, I wondered "so they got married by punching a refrigerator multiple times? Heck no, bittu47 is weird, mittu47 decided to use their bathroom and pour over the sink with battery,

averageryhme was like, what the $&%@, how did mittu47 picked up a item, he has like no hands, (illuminati confirmed)

Then bittu47 came friends and what happen was they decided to fart out a diamond sword so they all did, including bittu47, me and my friend, they kept doing It and doing it and never stopped and never died.
They realized the diamond sword randomly was getting dropped in the air, due to a plane doing it lol.

Dumb boring story by: mittu47.

Want a part 2? Vote now at stupid mittu47 story.

  • Part 2 cause I like cars
  • Don’t do a part 2

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One day, our hero chungus was walking down the street


When big chungus died as a meme and AirPod normies are revived


Part 2 on my story
Title: mittu47 farted out a diamond sword by sneaking multiple times PART 2 The greatest world records!
Author: mittu47.
Editors: no one lol.

Chapter 1: mittu47 and bittu47 and averageryhme still kept farting and never stopped

Chapter 60: Still farting.

The end!
Wanna see part3? Vote now at https;//stupid mittu47 websites.c0m (jk)

  • Part 3!
  • No dont do part 3!

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New story title: mittu47 used the toilet way to much.