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Let's Talk About Survival Mode


Ever since the removal of plots in Survival Mode, the mode has gone downhill. Here’s why, the only way to have plots was to be in SMPro, which is now gone due to there being low players. Now, none of the Survival Modes have plots which would be a complete waste if they don’t return it back to Survival Mode. Survival Mode with Plots made me play Minecraft, it was Lifeboat who made me started playing again. I’ve made friends and good memories on that mode until they announced they were going to remove plots. Ever since they removed plots, everyone I knew of, stopped playing, including me. Then out of curiosity, I started playing Survival Mode again. It was completely griefed with random blocks, people logging out constantly whenever they have a disadvantage in PvP, and server resets were too quick(it’s about 2-3 days). There’s no reason to build a house, or to look for armor, since the server completely resets everything in 3 days. I just think that if Survival Mode can go back like it was in 2017 with plots, it would make the game a whole lot better. There wouldn’t be as much lag compared to the current state it’s in, people wouldn’t log out they would just tp to their plots, and there wouldn’t be as much griefing since there would be resets that would clean up the world but not wipe out the world entirely.



This happens because we get players requesting the resets from us. If you’re a regular on SM2, SM1, SM5 or SM8… These get reset almost once a day because of the world gets destroyed in a matter of seconds.

Not trying to play the blame game but it’s the PvP’ers.



I appreciate the response, but this was never an issue back in 2017 when Survival Mode had plots. There were 2 resets/day to clean up the griefing while keeping the plots and inventory untouched.



no they request resets because its so laggy and resets reduce the lag



Well lbsg wants to make sm worse again

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Lifeboat is supposed to make their game modes move forward towards the right direction, but when it comes to Survival Mode, it’s as if they’re moving backwards. They removed plots, they now removed SMPro, what’s next?

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I don’t understand why they can’t make Survival Mode the way it was back in 2017, it was at its peak since there was no lag issues and there was plots. But now, Survival Mode is at its lowest. Really hope for a change in the near future.



Yeah, I think creative mode has a better system than survival mode.

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Honestly, Lifeboat doesn’t even communicate what projects they’re working on and isn’t listening to its community. There needs to be better communication with Lifeboat Developers with its community.

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I agree

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This has been a problem for over a year now and there’s no communication from the developers. I get the fact that they’re busy, but sometimes you got to listen to the community and respond back.



we don’t even know if the developers even play the games that’s how little we know

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